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Updated on : January 23, 2024

Kiddions game

GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu APK 0.9.11 (Enjoy GTA V Cheats Online, Free & 100%  Safe)

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NameGTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu
GTA VersionGTA V Online 1.6.3 Mod Menu 
Cheat Version0.9.11
Developer Kiddion 

GTA – A game for which players will never use the cheat code “Leave me Alone”.

grand theft

Before we begin today’s blog, we would like to applaud Rockstar and Co. for bringing the best gaming series of all time.

GTA is not a mere game series; it is an emotion, it might not be wrong to say that the respective game series holds a huge share of making maximum gamers.

And credit for this goes to its alluring gameplay, storyline, graphics, sound, and whatnot.

gta characters

But, do you know what makes the game more engrossing, it’s cheats and tweaks. GTA had a long history with cheats since its vice city days and no doubt this made the GTA series a household name at every gamer’s destination.

The same ritual goes with GTA 5, however, this issue with the respective game is the majority of its mod functions internally and can easily be detected and due to this many GTA lovers have to see the face of the ban.

After acknowledging this plight of GTA lovers and their desire to get more of the game, we have come up with the best Mod Menu that not only provides an abundance of fun cheats but is undetectable.


 👋Kiddions Mod Menu!👋

Say Hello! to Kiddions Mod Menu

“Kiddions Mod Menu is a third-party mod menu for GTA 5 developed by Kiddions that enables GTA V players to access various cheats online.”

For instance: weapons, auto spawner vehicles, spawners, safe recovery options, unlimited ammo, money, the ability to fly around the map, and much more.


Kiddions Mod Menu Features 

The kiddions Mod Menu is a splendid and powerful mod that completely alters the game menu layout, enables new features and add-ons as well as includes new and fun hacks. 

car selection

You will surely be astonished by the features it provides. So, what’s stopping us? Let’s check out what it offers to GTA 5 fanatics.

  • AutoSpawner Vehicles
  • Working Protection 
  • Spawner
  • Weapons 
  • RP or XP
  • Recoveries
  • Daily Updates 
  • Poke other players 
  • Character customization
  • Ability to Fly
  • Walk over walls 
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Abundance of money and much more.

How Kiddions Mod Menu Functions?

Kiddion character

Kiddions Mod Menu functions very seamlessly and externally without interfering with the game process. It automatically detects your system compatibility and installs the mod in accordance with that.

  • The captivating characteristic of this fun mod menu is that it doesn’t ask for any installation, making it the apple of the eye of every GTA V fanatic.
  • The popular mod menu has been fabricated in such a manner that players are not required to create new files or mods. All they have to do is download the latest version and begin playing GTA V with fun cheats.

How to Use Kiddions Mod Menu?

Using and syncing Kiddions Mod menu with GTA 5 is a piece of cake and indeed the credit for it goes to the developer, Kiddions. All you have to do is follow the mere steps cited below and you are good to go.

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Kiddions Mod Menu Download 

Kiddions Mod Menu Free Download

So, here are the steps by following which you can easily use the Kiddions Mod Menu and get the best out of the GTA 5 game with fun cheats.

  • To use the Kiddions Mod menu and relish the various fun GTA 5 cheats, begin with downloading the Kiddions Mod Menu by clicking the “Download” button.
  • Your next step will be to open the GTA 5 game on your system.
  • After launching GTA 5 on your system, head to Modes-menu.exe and run the respective file.
Modest menu
  • Next, you may come across “Windows protect your PC”, all you have to do is hit “More Info” and then “Run Anyway”.
  • Lastly, move to the menu and begin using Kiddions Modest Menu.
Kiddions games

That’s it! By executing these simple steps in order anyone can use Kiddions Mod Menu and enjoy varied cheats that are not even available in the game yet.

Kiddions Mod Menu Hotkeys

keywords alphabet
  • Frequently opening the mod menu might hinder your game experience and spoil your game spirit but don’t worry as we are here with some hotkeys or say shortcut keys.
  • Using these hotkeys you can perform various actions simply by pressing mere keys, without opening the full mod menu. 

For instance: to decrease or increase the values, you can use num 4 and num 6 respectively, similarly to activate the mod, pressing num 5 will do your work.

So, let’s check out hotkeys to use Kiddions Mod Menu.

F5 – Show/Hide Menu
Num 0 to Head Back
For Up/Down, Press Num 8 and Num 2
Num 4 and Num 6 to decrease/increase values 
Num 5 to activate 
  • Apart from it, do you know that using the Kiddions Mod menu, you can clog yours with the abundance of RP. In simple terms, you can get unlimited XP or RP with Kiddions Mod Menu.

Yes, you have read it right!

  • All you have to do is follow the simple steps cited in the forthcoming section and you will be able to enjoy unlimited RP using Kididons Mod Menu.

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Get Unlimited RP With Kiddions Mod Menu 

As we have mentioned above, here are the steps that will assist you in accessing limitless XP or RP with Kiddions Mod Menu.

Unlimited XP
  • To get and enjoy the abundance of XP or RP using the Kiddions Mod Menu, begin with launching the Kiddions Mod Menu.
  • Now, you have to head to the “Tunables” and set your RP multiplier to 100, and make sure you do not set it to more than 100 or else you won’t get any RP.
  • Next, you are required to download the “.json file”  
  • After that, you have to extract the folder to the “modest-menu” hack folder and next, overwrite the respective file.
  • In this step, run the kiddions menu and choose “Teleport – Custom Location” and next, teleport to “Time Trail”.
  • Now, commence the “Time Trail” and head to the “Finish Line”.

And, that’s how you can get unlimited RP using Kiddions Mod Menu and in order to get more RP, you can repeat the steps over and over again.

Is Kiddions Mod Menu Free to Use?

  • For your information, Kiddions Mod Menu is completely free to use third-party mod menu. It doesn’t ask for any sort of subscription or plan.
  • GTA 5 players can easily download and commence using this respective Mod menu right away without spending a single dime.

And if you are concerned about the ban and safety of your account and wondering whether the Kiddions Mod Menu is safe or not? The forthcoming section will settle down your concern.

Is Kiddions Mod Menu Safe?

Kiddions game option

Without heading here and there, let’s just head straight to the answer.

Yes, Kiddions Mod Menu is a safe GTA V Mod that you can use to enable cheats such as unlimited ammo, cars, money, clothes, fly, teleport, and much more.

  • Due to the nature of the program, anti-virus programs may show concern but it is completely fine to use.
  • The respective GTA V mod is also undetectable as it functions externally in an absolute manner, unlike other mod menus that read GTA’s memory and include themselves as a part of the process.

And, that’s the reason behind its significant success. 

However, it will be necessary and worth mentioning that there is still a vacuum, which means you can still get banned.

  • You won’t get banned due to opening the menu but using single features creates a suspicion of detection and may lead to an account ban. As well as it is modding, so this always falls in the risky category 

So, it is advised not to overdo anything to keep yourself out of the radar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions surrounding GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu.

Ans: As we have mentioned above, Kiddions functions externally and does not interfere with the game process, so there is very less chance of getting detected.

Ans:The latest version of Kiddions Mod Menu is 0.9.10 and the GTA version is GTA V Online 1.6.3 Mod Menu

Ans:To use the GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu, all you have to do is download the Kiddions Mod Menu and it will automatically detect your system compatibility and install mods according to it.

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