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Updated on : October 17, 2022

doodle games of google

Play & Learn with Best Google Doodle Games

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“Google Doodle Games are Just 👌!”

Have you ever noticed something odd in the Google icon occasionally and wondered what this is? Allow us to introduce you to “Google Doodles”.

Quoting Google,  â€śDoodles are the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.”

But the Google Doodle team takes it forward from logos to interesting and interactive games too, which is profoundly known as “Google Doodle Games”.

Throughout the years, the Google Doodle team has also fabricated a number of alluring and fun games honoring and celebrating memorable events & occasions. Some of them are really impeccable and have the potential to take you in awe.

And, in today’s blog, we are going to present to you the names of the best Google Doodle games that will take full authority of fun & entertainment in your leisure time.

These light-note fun doodle games will justify your spare time and lighten your frame of mind.

So, let’s begin!

What are Google Doodle Games?

“Google Doodle Games are simply an expression from Google’s end to celebrate and honor notable and consequential events. For instance: the Olympics, the Birth anniversary of popular personalities and games, etc.”

They are fun and entertaining games that users can play on their browsers irrespective of the device. These games do not require signups, installation, or extensions to access and are free to play in an absolute manner.

Do you know?: In May 2010, Google introduced and launched its first interactive Google Doodle game in which users could play Pac-Man to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary.

Google Doodle Games Characteristics

When the discussion is about Google Doodle games offerings, the Doodle games presented by Google are elevated with various captivating characteristics that make them a perfect fit for leisure time.

So, let’s check out and find out what makes it popular amongst the users.

Easy to Access

If you have played online games, you may be well aware of the fact that it is not as easy as it seems, you have to go through ads, affiliate links, and much more which is enough to leave you frustrated.

Thanks to the Google Doodle team who have made the game easy to access as well as compatible with an abundance of devices. 

You can in no time access popular doodle games such as Baseball, Doodle Champion Island, or Basketball and play on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Commemorate Historic Events and Occasions

What could be greater when you can play and learn simultaneously? Google Doodle games are basically based on a specific occasion or historic event. 

Google Doodle games are a gesture from Google’s end to honor and celebrate occasions and events such as the summer Olympics or the anniversary of the popular games of all time such as Pac-Man etc.

It is a great and fun way to interact with new generations with astonishing events. 

Do Not Require Installation 

God! Installations, we all hate it somewhere as they not only take time but spoil the mood too. You must be wondering what we can do in this scenario, if you have to play the game, you have to go through the installation process. 

But not with Doodle games created by Google as they do not require any sort of installation. 

Great! Isn’t it?

No High-Speed Internet Connection

What if we say that you do not require a high-speed internet connection to load and play doodle games? Yes, you have heard it right!

You can play easily and try out various doodle games on your device without worrying about your internet speed or data.

So, got a coffee break? Doodle games can be your snack.

No Sign-up Needed

Who doesn’t like sign-ups? We know it’s important but in our limited spare time, we want to straight jump onto the game rather than banging keyboard buttons and doing sign-ups.

Fortunately, this is not the concern with the Google Doodle game, you can simply play the game without any sign-up or login.

 Choose your preferred game and take a fun spin with doodle games by Google.

Zero Extension or Add-Ons

Google Doodle games are free from any kind of extension or add-ons which simply means that you do not have to install a particular extension or add-on in order to play light and fun Google Doodle games. 

Simply search for the game and start playing.


As we have said above, Google doodle games don’t ask for any kind of sign-up, installation, extension, or add-on that not only saves up your efforts but your precious time too. It is one of the biggest virtues of these games apart from fun and engaging gameplay.

Free! Free! Free!

Apart from being easy to access, standing on the compatibility perks, and time-saving, Google doodle games are free to play that simply state that you do not have to spend a single penny to play the respective games. 

Just grab your keyboard and show off your gaming skills.

So, these are the characteristics of Google Doodle games. Now, let’s glance at how you can play Google Doodle games.

How to Play Google Doodle Games?

Finding and playing Google Doodle games is a five-finger exercise. If we have to make a list of one of the easiest and most effortless things to do on the internet, finding and playing Google Doodle games will top the chart.

  • All you have to do is simply open up Google chrome and type “Google Doodle”.
  • Next, you will come across various Google Doodle games such as Coding, Fischinger, Rockmore, and Doodle Champion Island games.
  • Now, choose the game, and when you feel ready, click on the “play” Button, Google Doodle game will start.

See, as we told you, finding and playing Google Doodle Game is one of the easiest chores. 

Now, the time has come to step towards the main highlight of today’s topic, and check out the best and most popular games Google Doodle Games.

Best and Popular Google Doodle Games 

Choosing the best Doodle game was a tough task as all the games are full of fun and adrenaline as well as personify a significant occasion or a historic event such as major inventions, Olympics, birth, or death anniversary of stalwarts, etc.

However, we have hand-picked some of the best and most popular doodle games that you can play in your spare time and lighten up your mood.

So, buckle up! We are about to begin. 

Doodle Champion Island 

Doodle Champion Island

When it comes to the most popular Google Doodle games, you can easily see “Doodle champion Island” without standing on your heels. 

  • This respective game was designed to celebrate both the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, fabricated with Japanese folklore and culture. 
  • The synopsis of Doodle champion island states that you play the character of “Lucky- the ninja cat” and your objective is to excel in a variety of sports and collect all the seven sacred rolls.
  • To collect the seven sacred scrolls, you must defeat the Champion island champions
  • With each win over the champions, you will earn a sacred scroll as a reward. When you acquire all the respective scrolls, you will hold the title of Island champion and bring peace to the island. 
  • In the Doodle champion island game, you have to play minigames.
  • This includes table tennis, archery, rugby, swimming, and artistic swimming. Unlike most Google Doodle games, this one will keep you hooked for approx. an hour or two. 
  • Simply by searching for “Google doodle Olympics”, you will be able to play Doodle Champion Island.

Key Highlights 

  • Created to Celebrate and honor the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
  • Play as Lucky- the ninja cat, defeat champions, and collect seven sacred scrolls.
  • Includes minigames such as tennis, archery, rugby, swimming, and artistic swimming. 
  • Fabricated with Japanese folklore and Culture.
Click & Play Doodle Champion Island 


Pac Man

Pac-Man, the first love of generation X and millennials. The name of the game is enough to take you back in time.

  • This popular maze arcade game was first launched in 1980 and on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Google released a Pac-Man doodle in 2010.
  • When you start the game you will notice the Google logo crafted in the center, which is uniquely a Google twist 
  • To play this splendid game, you still have to insert the coin into your computer disk. Just kidding! All you have to do is click on the “insert coin” button.
  • This Google doodle Game is otherwise a complete depiction of the original and conventional Pac-Man but with a bonus.
  • Now, you can play this fun game with one of your companions and team up in order to collect the pellets amidst the contours of the word and defeat the ghosts. 
  • All you have to do is click on the “insert coin” button twice and you will be able to enjoy this popular Google Doodle game.
  • To the second player, Google has given the role of Ms. Pac-Man, and to control her, you have to use WASD keys, and as you know to control Pac-Man, you can use arrow keys.

Key Features 

  • Released to honor the 30th Anniversary of Pac-man.
  • The Pac-Man map spells out the word Google In the center.
  • Introduced the role of Ms. Pacman as the second player.
  • Hit twice on the insert button to play the second player.

Do you know:- Toru-Iwatani is known as the father of Pac-Man but the game is published, developed, and owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment

Click and Play Pac-Man

Coding For Carrots

Coding For Carrots 

What would be more fascinating when you can learn while playing? Coding For                                           Carrots is counted as one of the google Doodles games. 

  • The game was released by Google in the year 2017 to commemorate the 50 years of kids’ coding. 
  • The Coding For Carrots game was designed with the intuition that in the future kids will use computers as a compelling source of learning and education.
  • The alluring game helps kids in learning basic and fundamental coding principles by allowing dragging and dropping blocks to make the rabbit eat the carrots.
  • To fabricate this compelling game Google Doodle team, Google Blocky team, and coherent researchers from MIT Scratch put their hands and minds together.
  • If we glance more at it, the game primarily concentrates on “Logo” which is a coding language created and developed by Seymour Papert” and researchers of MIT to coach kids about coding.

Key Features 

  • Launched in 2017, to celebrate 50 years of kid coding.
  • Created with a vision that in the future kids could use computers as a robust tool for learning.
  • Game education with fundamental coding principles.
  • To design the respective game, the Google Doodle team, Google Blocky team, and proficient researchers from MIT Scratch assembled.
  • “Coding” game particularly focuses on the coding language known as a logo, created by “Seymour Papert” and researchers at MIT. 
Click & Play Codding For Carrot



To celebrate its own country’s independence and widely popular game of all time, Baseball, the Google Doodle team has crafted a Baseball Doodle.

  • The respective game was released on the 4th of July, 2017 by Google.
  • The game corresponds with home derby in which you can wing your baseball bat being America’s favorite food which prominently includes “Sluggin’ Sirloin” steak, “The Triple” hamburger, “Strawberry Shake”, “Corn” and the “Big Red” watermelon too.
  • And, when it comes to the approach, the game follows a “three strikes and you are out” despite how many at-bats you have.
  • While playing you will experience a variety of deliveries from the pitcher, so focus on the ball and slug as many as the home run by clicking your mouse button or space button.

Main Features

  • Google doodle Baseball was released on the 4th of July in the year 2019 to honor America’s independence as well as its favorite sports of all time.
  • Features America’s favorite foods including “The Triple Hamburger”, “The Big Red Watermelon” and “The Sluggin’ Sirloin”.
  • “Three strikes and you are back to the pavilion”.
Click and Play Baseball



A perfect basket is one of the most satisfying things in sports and when you are the one who took that shot, it feels top of the world. So, if you are a basketball fanatic, there is “Google Doodle Basketball” for you.

  • Google acquainted this game with the world as an interactive doodle for 2012 summer games.
  • In this Google Doodle game, your objective is to put as many balls into the basket within 24 seconds and to do so, you can use your keyboard’s space button or mouse button.
  • Simply hold the button to create pressure according to the distance and release it when you feel like “I got it”.

Tip: Create more pressure as the distance expands 

Google is watching you from the stands, so make sure you give your best shot each time.

Key Features 

  • Google Doodle basketball was Introduced as a significant doodle of the 2012 summer games.
  • The Objective is to throw the ball into the basket before the time runs out.
  • Score as many baskets in 24 seconds.
  • Players can use the mouse button and space bar to hold and release pressure to throw the ball straight into the basket.
Click and Play Basketball

Honourable Mentions

As we stated above, it is very hard to choose the best Doodle game, so here are some honorable mentions that will take care of your leisure time and fix your frame of mind.

So, tie up your shoes, and let’s head to the best Google Doodle game (Honourable Mentions).

Play Rockmore

Play Cricket

Play Pony Express

Play Soccer

Play Fischinger

Play Quick,Draw

Play Halloween

Play Rubik’s Cube

Play Loteria

So, these are some honorable mentions for Google Doodle games now, let’s step towards the ending note and after that, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions by the users.

Ending Note

Google Doodle games are an alluring way to honor and commemorate historic events and occasions. By playing fun doodle games, players can get the best out of their spare time as well as always find something new to learn.

And, the most astonishing dimension of Doodle games is it doesn’t require sign-up, registration, installation, extension, or any kind of add-ons and is completely free to access irrespective of the devices.

It is way more than a time-passer!

We highly suggest you must try these light & full-of fun doodle games and enjoy an amusing ride of historic events and occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this particular section, we have answered some frequently asked questions by the users corresponding to Google Doodle games.

Ans: No, you are not required to sign-up in order to play Google Doodle games. You can without any sign-up, extension, add-on, or installation, you can access the Google Doodle game and get the best out of your spare time.

Ans: Yes, Google Doodle games are completely free to play, you can play any of the Doodle games without spending a single penny.

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