world of devikins

Updated on : November 10, 2023

world of devikins

The World of Devikins

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The world of Devikins is a fascinating place where adorable creatures called the Devikins reside. These whimsical beings, born from the depths of the Void, possess unique personalities and otherworldly powers.

So what in the heck is Devikin? You might ask;

It is an NFT turn-based RPG play-to-earn game.

This is a game where you embark on thrilling journey as you explore the diverse landscapes of Devikins, engage in dangerous battles, and forge unbreakable bonds with your fellow Devikins.

How to Get Started With Devikins?

Since this is an NFT game, you must first create a crypto wallet to keep all of your NFTs and tokens in place.  

Given that Klever Wallet is integrated with the game, we recommend using it for the game. With this wallet, you can seamlessly register with the game and buy and sell DVK tokens and NFT without ever having to leave the app.

The World of Devikins

It is a mystical and whimsical world filled with a diverse array of ecosystems, characters, secrets, stories, and stunning vistas.

Breathtaking Landscapes


As your adventure into the world of Devikins unfolds, you get to experience a tapestry of landscapes, each area filled with its own unique charm and secrets that you get to uncover.

For example, the Emberheart Desert, a scorching expanse of sand dunes and strong winds. It is home to long-lost relics, hidden oases, and ancient ruins.

While the Glacia is home to majestic frost giants and shimmers with otherworldly beauty, it is a place filled with icy peaks and crystalline caverns.

And for the daring Devikin explorer, the void beckons. 

It is a place with endless possibilities where Devikins are born and the very fabric of reality is bent and twisted.

Devikins Price Chart 2022-2023

Subtitle: Devikins Price Chart 2022-2023

Unique and Adorable Characters

Unique and Adorable Characters

Every character has his or her own personality and is cute. They all have story settings and powers that are unique to each of them.

Not that I have at least four Devikin NFTs in my wallet at the moment—just that the character design and artwork is just that good. 

For example, the mischievous pixie with her ability to conjure illusions,

The wise old treant with his mastery of nature,

The fearsome sandworm with his incredible strength, 

Or the majestic frog giant with his command over ice, each Devikin possesses a unique charm to become the true hero of the story.

A Devikin has five base attributes: Vitality, Power, Fortitude, Agility, and Sanity. An affinity ranges from 1 to 10. The higher the affinity, the faster the base attribute it represents grows during a level-up.

Devihaven: A Hub for Trade and Friendship

Devihaven is a vibrant city that acts as a hub for Devikins from all over the world. It is located at the center of this enchanting and mystical game.

Its bustling streets are home to traders from all over the realm, offering uncommon relics, magical artifacts, and potions that can improve your Devikin’s powers.

Plus, the grand library is a treasure trove of texts and forgotten lore that holds the secrets to Devikin’s history and the mysteries of the void.

And for those seeking excitement and friendship,

The city’s grand coliseum is a place where they can meet up and participate in a number of activities and events hosted across the city.

Unique Mysteries and Awesome Bonds

While exploring the world of Devikins, you’ll come across a number of characters. And they will each have their own unique stories to tell.

Every corner is filled with lore and secrets to explore. The void is full of mysterious wonder and awe. 

Also, with the guild-building functionalities added to the game, you can now join fellow adventurers and explore or tackle various challenges, share knowledge and resources, and forge unbreakable friendships.

The Gameplay Mechanics in Devikins

Mechanics in Devikins

While the gameplay is not that different from any other RPG in its category, Devikin does offer some unique features that can easily keep you entertained for hours on end.

Players can engage in PvP or against monsters for loot, experiences, and reputation. 

The combat system is simple and round-based, so players have to plan beforehand in order to succeed.

The Play-to-Earn 

Devikins is one of the few great examples of play-to-earn games that combine the fun of turn-based RPG mechanics with the excitement of NFT character breeding and trading.

The tokenomics have been well thought out and provide multiple channels for earning and using DVK tokens.

It provides its users with a unique gameplay and rewards system.

Also, players can stake their tokens through the Klever Wallet to receive rewards over time.

Overall, with its engaging gameplay and real-world earning potential, Devikins is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the play-to-earn game.

Downloading the Game

Once you’ve set up your wallet, you can download the Devikin game directly through their official website,

The game is available on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

You can also access their NFT marketplace through the Klevew Wallet.

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