Betting Bonuses

Updated on : April 4, 2023

Betting Bonuses

Online Betting Bonuses 101 – This is What You Have to Know

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Betting Bonuses

Many people who’re bored and want to try something else often decide to give online gambling a shot. Even though betting is risky, adults often take their chances, which is one of the reasons why this industry exploded in popularity and brands provide all kinds of bonuses.

Speaking of promotions, some of the best gambling reviewers in the world will always cover the ins and outs of all bonuses offered by the best sites. In fact, At Efirbet we keep a keen eye out for sports betting that offers punters value, especially regarding deposit bonuses and all other popular offers you can expect to find. This information often comes in handy because punters know what to expect and how to get it.

While we’re on the topic of sports betting bonuses, there are many things that you have to know about them before deciding which brand is worth it. Not many people are interested in them and often make mistakes, and since you don’t want to be among them, here’s what to keep in mind. 

The Best Bonuses are Reserved Only for New Clients

One of the first things you will notice before you start betting is that some of the best bookmakers and casinos will offer you lucrative promotions. You can often find things like a 100% deposit bonus or offers that can provide you with thousands of additional funds to bet on what you want. Although these kinds of perks are lucrative, once you take a look at their rules, you will realize they’re only available to new users.

In other words, people who decide to open a new account and haven’t used the site before can avail themselves of these rewards. However, those with existing accounts won’t have access to them, so they must check other options.

The reason why the best betting brands provide lucrative proposals only to new users is that this allows them to grow their brand. Those kinds of attractive propositions draw more attention, which means that they often get new clients just because the latter want to use a specific offer.

If You Like Sports, Most of the Bonuses You’ll Come across will be for Football

Everyone who’s into online sports betting knows that most of the top-tier betting operators in the business provide people with all sorts of sports to choose from. Each one has its fans, but there is no arguing that football is in a league of its own. Soccer fans worldwide have the chance to bet on pretty much all leagues and competitions, including options that take place outside of Europe.

What’s interesting about football is that this is also the sport that offers the most bonuses. In fact, if you look at the bonus section of an iGaming website that focuses on sports betting, you will see that most of the propositions will only work if you decide to bet on this sport. The most common football betting perks include

Accumulator boosts free bets, cashback, and other things.

With that said, there are sites that also offer propositions for other sports, such as eSports, tennis, and basketball. It all depends on the platform, which is why it’s important to learn more about it before you start betting.

Some Bonuses Have a Very High Minimum Deposit Requirement

Even though online bettors like using no deposit bonuses, there is no arguing that those kinds of offers aren’t common. In fact, you can hardly find a website that offers those things today because bookies want to make as much money as possible. To do that, all of the rewards they offer will require people to make a deposit or at least place a bet in order to use them.

Speaking of deposits, one of the most important things to check before you start betting is the minimum deposit requirement of the given offer. You can often come across different casinos and bookmakers that offer amazing rewards, but once you check the T&Cs, you realize that they require a lot of money to use. Needless to say, this is not ideal for everyone because some gamblers can’t afford to make a substantial deposit.

When talking about high minimum deposit requirements, it can range between $10 and $100 or even more. Usually, promotions that require more money to use will also have a better reward, but there are exceptions. It all depends on the operator and the things it offers. Since the size of the online gambling industry in the USA and other countries continues to rise, we wouldn’t be surprised if some bookies decide to lower their rollover conditions.

All Offers have a Wagering Requirement 

Before we share more information about this annoying rule, it’s worth knowing that there are some exceptions because certain operators have promotions that do not have a rollover condition. In other words, people will be able to withdraw what they’ve won right away. Sadly, those offers are exceptions because the general rule is that deposit bonuses have these requirements.

The so-called rollover requirement means that people must use their bonus a specific number of times before the bookmaker or casino allows them to withdraw their winnings. The idea here is that people who place bets with this amount have more chances of losing it, which is good for the gambling site. In other words, the lower the wagering requirement, the better. 

Interestingly, the sports betting bonuses usually have much lower wagering conditions than the offers for casino games. As a result, people who are interested in them can complete the rules faster and pull out their winnings much quicker.


An important thing to remember when talking about online betting bonuses is that all operators are different. Many of them have specific rules that you won’t find on other platforms. This means people need to be careful and decide whether the specific promo is worth using.

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