Updated on : February 21, 2024


Top Video Games Scheduled to Launch In 2024

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2022’s been quite a bummer year for those obsessed with video games. Still affected by the ongoing delays from the coronavirus pandemic, many of the most anticipated games that were set to come out this year wound up delayed. This pushed many of these titles to be scheduled for release in 2024 as developers continue to struggle with lockdowns, workplace situations, and additional challenges. 

While 2022 may have been a relatively quiet year for many, it’s also given the opportunity for many gamers to sit in as they anticipate the new year to come with nothing more than one blockbuster release after the other. So, like real money online casino platforms that always have countless rewards, bonuses, and promotions to offer, gamers can certainly expect mind-blowing experiences for 2024. For a fun teaser on what’s to come, here’s a look at major video games to launch in the following year. 


Forspoken is a fresh IP release from Luminous Productions and Square Enix. From a glance, it looks like it’s heading for some remarkable blockbuster success where players join the unique fantasy game as a character known as, Frey. She’s a young woman from New York who’s being taken on a magical fantasy where she gains amazing and immense powers. The game looks pretty promising in what it has to offer, but its greatest highlight comes in the storyline. 

So far, we’ve only seen the game in glimpses and snippets, but you can tell its developers are aiming to offer the market something authentic and inspired; therefore, we hope Frey’s story will be just as beautiful and magical as the snippets make it to be. 

Dead Island 2

Gamescom 2022 has confirmed that Dead Island 2 will be available for PC and consoles as of February 2024. After surprisingly “rising from the dead,” the game has been a working progress for nearly a decade. Thankfully, its developers have put the final pieces together so it can finally launch in 2024 for the world to enjoy. 

For those who aren’t really aware of what’s to come, the game offers players an adventure where they’ll be tasked with defeating infected zombies while surviving the challenge with a small group of immune humans. Here, the goal is to win back the whole city of Los Angeles through desperate and bloody fights. Players will be presented with a lot of ammunition this time around, as you’ll have a range of weapons to choose from, including glass bottles, katana, and a shotgun. 

Wild Hearts

Expected to release on February 17th, 2024, Wild Hearts is an adventure game packed with new monster-hunting action. It aims to revolutionize the action-adventure genre with dazzling locales to defeat, bigger monster battles, and additional tools players can use to fight and set traps. It’s an exciting game that’s set on sending players on a wild journey as they travel through the island of Azuma, which is a fantasy realm that’s gained its inspiration from feudal Japan. 

Suppose you’ve ever played the Monster Hunter series from Capcom and enjoyed its gameplay. In that case, you’ll certainly love Wild Hearts since they’re pretty similar in this regard, except this game appears to be packed with new ideas that should spice up your video gaming journey and get you hooked on it within an instant. 

Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is a piracy simulator many gamers have been waiting for. Scheduled to launch in March 2024, concerns have been shared on it being amidst a packed Q1 cohort; however, this video game looks like it will thrive and take the market by storm on its own merits. 

In the game, you’ll be on an adventure to take on some pretty high seas while playing the role of a wily pirate who’s set on gathering everything they can to win the game by building up their crew, ship, and treasures. It’s a much-anticipated game that’s had several delays along the way; however, we can only hope that it sticks to its release date for 2024. In the meantime, you can get yourself ready to raise your black flag as you prepare to set sail.

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