unearthing unconventional tactics in competitive gaming tournaments

Updated on : September 5, 2023

unearthing unconventional tactics in competitive gaming tournaments

Beyond Meta: Unearthing Unconventional Tactics in Competitive Gaming Tournaments

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  • Unpredictable moves will keep your opponents on edge as you move forward with a specific strategy for each level. 
  • Entrapment in your competition in the Fog of War will frustrate them into losing the game. 
  • Leading enemies into a trap is teamwork with the mid-laner working on the bait.

Compared to other MOBAs, Dota 2 doesn’t have a reputation as being particularly beginner-friendly. Nonetheless, this classic battle arena game remains one of the most trendy esports titles around. 

It’s one of the most-played games on Steam, attracting more than 670,000 ongoing players every month. However, even for those first-time players who find themselves hooked, learning the ropes and climbing the ranks can be challenging. 

Looking for some unconventional tips and tricks to give you an edge? We’ve got you covered.

Keeping It Simple

If you want to keep things as straightforward as possible you can always play the meta. For an easy life, go with popular picks like Pudge and Phantom Assassin when picking your hero. 

If predictable heroes and gameplay strategies might seem like a fit with rookies, you’re making it easy for the competition to read your next move. Even if your go-to picks and playstyles prove effective, you risk earning a reputation as being boring. 

In recent years, Chinese players have been successful in earning the most from playing Dota 2. As the graph shows below, they are far ahead of gamers from other countries. 

China’s Esports Players Earned the Most Prize Money in Dota 2

Unpredictability Can Pay Off 

One of the simplest ways to surprise the competition is to constantly mix things up. 

Experiment with wildly different team compositions, take a punt on a left-field hero or take a completely different approach when traversing the map. 

The more you surprise your opponents, the fewer chances they’ll have to put together an effective counterstrike. 

Heroes can gain a total of 29 levels, resulting in level 30 as the highest possible level a hero can reach.

Use the Fog of War to Your Advantage

In a game like Dota 2, the Fog of War can seem tough to inexperienced players. However, this unexplored area of the game map can be capitalized on. 

If your competitor can’t see what’s going on, it’s far easier to get the draw on them and entrap them without taking much damage yourself. 

Moreover, the number of damage you can deal with will frustrate other gamers. Even the most level-headed gamers don’t make the best decisions when the red mist has descended. 

Leading Enemies into Traps 

This strategy involves an entire team working together. However, if the enemy falls for it, you can bring an early end to a match without breaking too much of a sweat. 

Your mid-layer will need to shoulder much of the burden here. To bait your opponents, your mid-laner will have to stray a little further out than they should. 

Once the enemy descends on this apparently hapless player, the rest of the team can be deployed to fail the competitors.

Other Common Mistakes to Avoid to Win the Game

Communicate with your teammates regularly and clearly. If they cannot understand your moves then even if you lose you can even win. This will help everyone coordinate better and change strategy when required. 

Never ignore your lane opponent just because they are playing a boring game. Keep an eye on them constantly and be ready to throw them a surprise move. 

If you aren’t playing enough matches, you are losing opportunities that will help you stay ahead in the game. It also provides clarity about your strategies and you will learn from your mistakes. 

There are over 100 heroes in Dota 2, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. You need to pick the heroes that complement each other well according to your overall strategy. 

Tips for Beginners 

Is it still early days for you and Dota 2? If you’re not ready to unleash mind games on other gamers and dabble with advanced strategies, stick to the basics. 

First, pick a handful of heroes to concentrate on. Although it’s always good to have a go-to pick, you’ll need several backups to search from. Next, avoid launching headfirst into attack mode. 

In games like Dota 2, defense is just as relevant as offence. It’s tempting to rack up as many kills as you can, but those necessary structures are far more important. Understand your role on the team and actually perform it. 

Of course, you can also imitate the best in the business. You’ll learn a lot from simply watching your favorite teams play against their rivals. If you’re eager to emulate your esports heroes or want to see how the best rosters stay on top of team communication, you’ll need to set aside some viewing time. For the latest Dota 2 tournament click here.

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