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Traffic Racer Mod Apk v3.6 [Unlimited Cash, Easy Reward Points & Surprises]

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NameTraffic Racer Mod Apk
Publisher SK Games
File Size74 MB
Version v3.6
Android VersionRequires Android v5.0 & Up.
Mod FeaturesUpdated Menu, Limits free, Limitless Shopping & More.

Traffic Racer is a game that is made just for you. This game will flood you with dopamine in your senses. Burn your rubber with high speed on the streets and give your opponents the relish of defeat. 

The game is now available in its full glory. The exciting experience is impossible to avoid and the fruitful gifts in the game are generous and huge.

Traffic Racer Mod Apk Hack

This hack Traffic Racer Mod Apk does not require any external emulator to work. There is no need to root your mobile phone, the game is ready to install.

  • Overtake the traffic vehicles and earn points.
  • Collect maximum points and finish the level in minimum time to earn stars and unlock new levels.

Traffic Racer Hack Mod Apk: Features

traffic racer

The Traffic Racer mod apk comes with a range of exciting features. The original version has only a limited number of advantages and money but with the mod apk version you can get:

Unlimited Cash
Simple Controls
A large number of Customisations
Challenging levels
Limitless shopping opportunities
New Achievements

With the mod apk version of Traffic Racer, you can have fun with the game with 0 ads guaranteed. The game gets more intense as you walk up the ladder of levels.

New challenging and difficult modes are waiting for you in this game. Try to finish the race in the minimum time possible by beating the heavy-flowing traffic around you. Earn points as you take the risk of speed and leave others behind.

More Exciting Features

traffic racers
  • Illimitable Money & Coins: With the Traffic Racer Mod Apk, you get the highest number of coins ready to use. You do not have to do anything except for playing your first game. You can start your racing career in this game with unlimited money and coins.
  • Numerous Locations: The races of the game are set up in different locations each time. Sometimes you may fall inside a desert while on the other hand in some cases your next location for the race can be any urban area. Each location comes with its own difficulty level.
  • Vehicle Customisation: Players get numerous amount of customizations for their vehicles. You can print graphics on your car’s chassis, and change the alloys, and stickers to make your car look more unique.
  • Massive Garage: This game has a huge garage for its massive collection of cars. You can easily find your favorite one in their garage. Moreover, you have an opportunity to tune your favorite car to its utmost potential with your tuning skills. Unlimited money in the game will allow you to spend money on your car with a free hand. 

Traffic Racer Mod Apk Download

Traffic Racer Mod Apk is available completely free on Games1tech.

Visit the website and search for “Traffic Racer Mod Apk hack” to get the game downloaded to your device.

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