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Updated on : December 29, 2022

Peacock and Top Movies on It

Only a person with sub-par intelligence would say that movies have not proven to be extremely resourceful for humankind. The truth is that there is no doubt that movies have helped us in many ways. At times when we are not that happy, movies of the genre of comedy exist to make us giggle. On the flip side of the equation, movies bring us to think about matters we have not thought of before at times when we are taking life in too light a manner.

Why Streaming Services > Cable TV?

When it comes to watching options, there are two most commonly used approaches. The first one is watching a movie on cable television. However, for that, you have to check out what is playing on every movie channel on your cable and see if you like any of them. If and once you do like it unless you get extremely lucky and land on the channel right when the likable movie starts, you would have missed a significant chunk of the movie. This would make your movie-watching experience less enjoyable and will leave you feeling like you did not get to understand the full plot of the production. 

It goes without saying but the above does not seem to be the optimal route to watching a movie at all. Another option you have is to use a streaming service. These kinds of services allow you to derive joy from seeing a movie at any time of day and location on Planet Earth as long as you have internet. Starting and pausing the show takes place at your discretion. It is also your discretion to choose which electronic device you want to watch movies on. This device can be practically any device with a screen, such as tablets, phones, laptops, desktops, and last but not least smart televisions. Considering how each streaming service has a huge television series and movie library, the likelihood of you gaining an adoration for at least one movie on the platform is pretty sizeable. A bit wary about having too many options as it might make it difficult for you to choose one out of the many? There is no need to worry. The fact of the matter is that streaming services have plenty of things set up to help you choose the movies best for you. These consist of:

  • Ratings
  • Recommendations from Recommendation Engines
  • Brief Descriptions

Now that we have laid out the ways in which streaming services are better than television cable as far as the viewing of cinema is concerned, let us now help you recognize that Peacock is the streaming service that is best for you over all others.

What Makes Peacock Stand Out

This streaming service by the name of Peacock has tens of millions of users despite the fact that it was only established a couple of years ago at the turn of the decade. There are many things that the success of Peacock can be attributed to. First things first, NBC Universal owns the streaming service. What this does is that it provides the service with resources to feature a mega movie and TV series library. Alongside, Peacock features movies from a number of countries in many different languages. Perhaps, this is why the platform is considered an excellent resource for learning new dialects and becoming more culturally aware. 

Peacock users can also use the Premium version of the Platform for free until they are subscribers of Xfinity. This is the case because both the streaming service and the internet service provision brand are owned by the same corporation – NBC Universal. It might cross your mind that only the subscribers of the most expensive Xfinity internet plans can avail of this deal. However, that is far from the truth. In the case that you want more details about the eligibility or specifications of the offer, know that Xfinity customer service representatives are always ready to help.  

Perhaps, the most incredible aspect of Peacock is that its most basic package is free for everyone. This is not the case with any popular competitors of Peacock including Netflix, Hulu, and Apple +. If we were you, we would check out Peacock right now. After all, considering one does not have to pay any money, what is there to lose?!

Our Top Recommendations

These are the movies we recommend watching on Peacock:

  • Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
  • American Werewolf in London
  • Black Christmas
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Hopefully, by now, you would have recognized the awesomeness of Peacock. Go ahead and sign up for it!

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