Tom and Jerry Chase Mod APK 5.3.10 (Unlimited Coins) Download For Android

Updated on : August 1, 2023

Tom and Jerry Chase Mod APK 5.3.10 (Unlimited Coins) Download For Android

Tom and Jerry Chase Mod APK 5.4.42 (Unlimited Coins) Download For Android

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Download Tom and Jerry Chase Mod APK – Latest rendition – Free for Android and play a good round of chase with your preferred animation characters! Play against genuine players around the world!

Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK File Information:

App Name Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK
File Size 1.1 GB
Latest Version 5.4.42
Operation System Android 4.0 and Above
Cost 100% Free
Features Unlimited Coins

Description of Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK:

The Tom and Jerry show was delivered in March 2000 however it’s as yet well known today. It’s despite everything indicated overall today and still cherished by millions. On account of its straightforwardness and interesting tricks, this show finished numerous individuals’ adolescence. During its times of presence, it has brought forth endless films and even games!

If you miss the nostalgic and great show, at that point plan to be astounded by Tom and Jerry Chase! This great game loyally reproduces the exemplary craftsmanship style of the first show. Besides that, you can play as Jerry or as Tom in a wild round of chase! Reproduce great scenes from the show and remember your adolescence in this amazing game!

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Tom and Jerry: Chase mod apk is a multiplayer activity game where four mice need to go head to head one-on-one against a feline in a gigantic house stacked with traps. The objective of the feline is to chase down the four mice; while the objective of the mice is out to impede kitty’s arrangements and make due for as long as could be expected under the circumstances, in the interim unleashing destruction on the house.

The Tom and Jerry: Chase control frameworks are all around adjusted to touchscreen gadgets. On the left half of the screen, there are development bolts, and on the correct side, there are catches to hop, assault and connect with different components of the stage. In the choices menu, there are likewise a few diverse control plans, and you can even customize the controls; however, you see fit.

Here are how a Tom and Jerry: Chase game goes: during the initial thirty seconds, mice wander uninhibitedly to investigate the house securely, utilizing mouse-moulded robots. After these initial couple of seconds, commotion results. The player who is controlling the feline will have ten minutes to get the four mice and bind them to a rocket. On the off chance that they figure out how to attach a mouse to a rocket, the others should attempt to save him, so you’re going to should be extra cautious consistently.

Tom and Jerry: Chase mod apk is an awry activity game that fundamentally offers an encounter the same as the incomparable Identity V or Dead by Daylight, just with a 2D see. Illustrations are likewise a genuine impact, since consistently it’ll look simply like you’re viewing an entire scene of the genuine Tom and Jerry animation arrangement.

Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK Features:


If you have ever known or played Dead By Daylight Mobile or Identity V, you will rapidly to get to know the game Tom and Jerry: Chase. Essentially, you will have the option to decide to control the feline side or mouse side. It resembles a round of pursuing, on the off chance that you are a feline, at that point, you pursue the mouse. What’s more, on the off chance that you play as the mouse, you should discover cheddar and drive it into your cavern and obviously, don’t let the feline catch you.

Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK

For instance, if you pick the mouse side, initially, you will control a robot mouse to keep an eye on the house and discover the area of the cheddar to spare additional time. On the off chance that you are a feline side, you can decimate those rodents to make the mouse-side invest energy looking, increment an opportunity to pursue and wipe out irritating rivals.

The game permits you to control the character with contact bolt fastens or Joystick catches. What’s more, there are some ability catches for each character that can be realized when stepping up like in MOBA games.


Essentially, the most unmistakable landmark all through the film is character Tom and character Jerry. Yet, Tom and Jerry: Chase has characters that show up almost no in the arrangement to make an assortment for the game, for example, Butch, Lightning, Jerry Robinhood, Jerry Detective, Tuffy, …


Our fight won’t be just an unfilled house when heaps of cool things are springing up all over. The game likewise has many fascinating things, for example, ice, bazooka, explosives, … The perpetual pursue will be additionally intriguing and strategic when there are those things.

Playing with companions

Tom and Jerry: Chase likewise permits you to play the custom matches with your companions like other MOBA games, however not 10 individuals but rather up to 5 individuals. You totally can discuss, visit with companions directly in the game with no other programming.

Tom and Jerry Chase MOD APK


Honestly, Netease realizes how to endeavour and use it best when the characters related to youth have very comparable drawings to the first films. This is a major in addition to that enables the game to pull in a ton of players.

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