Become Better Gamer

Updated on : November 18, 2022

Become Better Gamer

Becoming a Better Gamer: Tips and Tricks

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Research has shown that online gaming is a trending phenomenon in India. Currently, about 433 million of the 846 million internet users in India play online games, including esports, money games, and regular games. Moreover, this number has been projected to grow even more in the next few years.

So, knowing there is a lot of competition, how can you become a better gamer? This question is what this article intends to answer.

What are Proven Tips to Becoming a Better Gamer?

If you get better at playing games, you must be guided by certain tips. Here are the top tips you can engage in improving your gaming skills.

Section Your Day

research has shown that spending too many hours on one thing will not yield a good result. It would help if you relaxed intermittently. If you usually play games for six hours at a stretch, try to divide this into two hours three times a day. You will learn to make better judgments when you take a break than when you do not.

Teach Someone

The best way to preserve information is by imparting it. It is impossible to give what you do not have. Teaching someone else how to play your favorite game will help you master it better because it would often require research.

Teaching someone else may lead you to discoveries. Also, your mentee may be able to spot weaknesses you did not take note of, thus making you a better gamer. You lose nothing in the end.

Let the Sun and Air in

You might be wondering how this is related to gaming. Research has shown that letting a bit of air and sunlight into your gaming room helps your cognitive ability. Taking a walk or an early morning jog is best to get the light and air you need.

Where this is impossible, ensure your space is well illuminated and ventilated. Failure to do this may lead to you not having a good night’s sleep, and this may, in turn, affect your cognitive abilities.

Reflect on Your Performance Before It Gets Cold

There is a common saying that “experience is the best teacher.” However, you can only learn from an experience playing online roulette India if you have had some time to reflect on it. Therefore, do not wait till a later date; watch a playback of your performance as soon as possible and learn from the mistakes made.

It is also wise to create a twitch account and upload videos of your gaming so that others can also give you a review of what you have done.

Play with Random Gamers

Playing with the same set of people will limit your approach and responses. However, suppose you can handle any gaming situation. In that case, you will need to play with different gamers to learn strategies and answers you could use in the same situation.

Enhance Your Space

Having a favorable environment has a direct link to your gaming performance. For example, lying down to play a game may not afford you the kind of focus you would have if you sat upright. Also, you might want to eliminate any noise, such as a radio or television, to prevent interference with the sound in your game.

Position your headset, so you do not feel you have worn it for a long time, even when you have. The quality of your audio is also essential to your performance in a game.     

Drink Plenty Water

Sounds odd, right? Oh yeah, not staying hydrated reduces your energy level, and with it goes your focus. However, staying hydrated will ensure you feel in happier spirits. When this happens, your cognitive skills will be top-notch, and so will your performance.

Notable Tricks to Becoming a Better Gamer

Beating your opponent may be easier than you think if you follow these steps:

Understand the Terrain

Understanding the game territory and learning how to move is a good start for you. If you understand the game’s terrain, you can identify and avoid the trouble spots.

Pre-empt Your Opponent

To play like a pro, you need to study the movements of your opponent and counter those moves. Naturally, caution must be applied; however, a good opponent will easily notice that you have studied his moves. When this happens, your opponent may introduce a new move to throw you off balance. So as not to fall into this trap, ensure you can adapt quickly to new tactics.

Plan Your Game Around Your Opponent’s Weak Areas

Everyone has a weakness; your ability to spot and manipulate your opponent’s weakness will be an added advantage. If you can predict your opponent’s next move, you will have a more tactical hedge.

Maximize Utilities

Never take those additional points for granted. You will never know when they will come in handy. The utilities in a game are there to help you out when you do need them. Even if you think they are useless, take them for storage purposes.

Obstruct Your Enemy’s Vision

If you are in a gunfight, use grenades to block your enemy’s vision. However, while using these, ensure you keep track of how many you have used and how many you have left so that you do not find out at the last minute that you have exhausted your tools.

Trust Your Team

Good gamers have good team spirit. Trust your teammates to make good judgments, and don’t try to manage things alone. The strength of others combined might achieve a lot more than you think.


Even though gaming in India is highly competitive, using the right strategies and staying visible will ensure you are not left behind. Uploading your gaming videos on Twitch and YouTube will ensure you get the necessary visibility. However, you may need to develop a thick skin for those harsh criticisms.

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