Do you guys like football or in other words soccer? You may have played FIFA, Pes, and many other football games on your smartphone but they are difficult to play smoothly because of their difficult controls, but don’t worry EVERYONE gaming company has developed this new amazing game called Soccer Super Star Mod Apk which is easy to control and fun to play.

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk 0.0.56 (Unlimited Coins) Download

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk starts off evolved with the gamer or a person playing being invited to pick out a team from some of the main soccer leagues. The player then must clear all the stages one after another, the more the stages the players clear off the more the difficulty level of the game rises and this rise in the difficulty helps the player to achieve greater skills and development.

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Let’s talk about the gameplay of Soccer Super Star Mod Apk now, and the highlights here are the simple controls that involve flicking the ball with the finger from feet to feet until an aim is scored. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this game uses the fingers flick force to flick the ball based on your flick force, so the greater your flick force the farther the ball will go depending on the possibility in that given situation. You can in swing, out swing, chip the ball, or through in the ball to another player with just the help of your finger flicks. You can make any strategy and any move to score a goal in the given situation of the game. You can also take corners and score a goal with the header, the more goal you score and stages you clear the greater you earn points and use those points to develop your player’s skills.

Awesome, right? However, that’s not all. Soccer Super Star Mod Apk is so popular because it’s amazing AI that anticipates all your moves and on the basis of that it creates a new level that is more difficult than earlier. Don’t worry it doesn’t matter AI does these things or not you can always go and score no matter how much the difficulty is, just go and smash a goal with your amazing in swing or outswing and shine at the top.

Download this amazing soccer game Soccer Super Star Mod Apk and make your move flicking or dancing your fingers, and have fun experiencing how soccer is played.

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk File Information:

App Name Soccer Super Star MOD APK
File Size 159 MB
Latest Version 0.0.56
Operation System Android 4.0 and Above
Cost 100% Free
Features Unlimited Money

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk Features:


Soccer Super Star Mod Apk Gameplay Screenshots: 

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk

Platforms where you can play Soccer Super Star Mod Apk

You can play Score! Hero Mod Apk on your IOS and Android devices.

Soccer Super Star Mod Apk 0.0.56 (Unlimited Coins) Download

Download Mod Apk (86.9 MB)