seven gambling influencers you should follow

Updated on : October 28, 2023

seven gambling influencers you should follow

Discover Seven Gambling Influencers You Should Follow

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Gambling Influencers

The world of gambling is an ever-expanding industry. It draws in millions of enthusiasts, all seeking that thrilling rush and the chance to win big. You can be a seasoned player or a newbie trying your luck, insider tips can greatly enhance your online casino experience. 

And what better way to access this wealth of information than following the right gambling influencers? They not only provide valuable insights but are also sought after by sportsbooks and casinos to help broaden their reach and attract new enthusiasts. 

Here are seven influential figures in the online casino industry that you should consider following.

Lady Luck

With an impressive following of nearly 203k subscribers on YouTube, Francine, also known as Lady Luck, is one of the most prominent gambling influencers. 

She hosts the most-watched female-hosted slots channel on YouTube and enjoys a substantial fan base on Facebook, with over 175,000 followers. 

Francine is not limited to these platforms; you can also find her on TikTok and Instagram. While her primary audience is American, Francine collaborates with international brands as well.

One of the most popular forms of gambling being promoted by influencers is the concept of “mystery boxes.” Mystery boxes are physical boxes filled with unknown items that can be purchased online.

Payne Insider

Payne Insider is a professional sports bettor who initially made his mark on Twitter and has since appeared on Fox Sports. He takes the casino gaming world seriously, viewing it not only as a way to make money but also as an investment.

You can tune into his podcast, “Bet The Board Pod,” for the latest odds and news. For more in-depth insights, explore PayneInsider, where users can purchase membership plans and receive betting rewards. 

However, note that his main focus is basketball and football, so information on other sports can be limited.

Vegas Low Roller

Vegas Low Roller, a passionate slot machine enthusiast, shares his love for betting with his 134,000 YouTube subscribers. His televised content offers a glimpse into his casino visits in Las Vegas and showcases some of his notable slot machine wins. 

While he may not consider himself a high roller, he has shared numerous videos of substantial wins, including the occasional hand-pay jackpot.

Vegas Low Roller’s videos are both colorful and entertaining, designed not only to inform viewers but also to provide an enjoyable viewing experience. 

Those interested in valuable insights can watch televised content where he discusses tips for hitting significant jackpots. His content is informative and reliable. 

Dave Dealer

Dave began his career as a casino dealer on a cruise ship and has since garnered over 1,000 followers on Facebook. He has become an expert in earning money through online casinos with Skrill payment.

Dave’s main mission is to help individuals earn money through gambling. With extensive experience in the field, he is an excellent choice for newcomers looking to learn the ropes of online casinos. 

Start by watching his influential videos, where he provides valuable insights on opting for the right online casino for your luck-testing endeavors. 

If we study the online gambling market size graph as shown below, it’s clear that worldwide its players are predicted to grow much bigger by the year 2030. 

Online Gambling Market Size by Region from 2018-2030.


RocknRolla, a figure well-known in the online casino-playing community since 2008, frequently posts videos on YouTube for his 70.6k subscribers. Self-identifying as a ‘born gambler,’ he is particularly passionate about poker and actively live-streams gambling-related content on Twitch, covering slots, poker, and blackjack.

What sets RocknRolla apart is his willingness to showcase losses alongside wins, reminding viewers that betting is inherently based on luck, and significant wins are not guaranteed. 

Recently, he launched ‘The Gambling Community,’ a platform where fellow gamblers can share news and personal experiences.

Dasha Downey

Dasha Downey is a relatively new entrant to the gambling influencer space, but she offers more than just insights into betting. A quick glance at her Instagram profile reveals her status as a model with over 1.7k followers, along with a bio expressing her passion for betting.

Dasha combines her love for casino playing with her penchant for travel, exploring the world’s finest casinos, and documenting her experiences. 

She shares her knowledge with her growing fan base, calling herself a casino dealer and boasting a profound understanding of bet distribution and payouts.

Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is a well-established YouTube channel that covers a wide range of betting game content. Run by three Swedish influencers who happen to be brothers, this channel offers something for every casino enthusiast. 

It stands out as one of the most active gambling channels on YouTube, with new content posted daily and live streams available seven days a week. While the majority of their videos focus on high-stakes slots, they also delve into table games.

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