science behind cannabis edibles

Updated on : November 17, 2023

science behind cannabis edibles

The Science Behind Cannabis Edibles: How They Work in the Body?

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Cannabis edibles have often been considered to be consumed in the easiest way. These eatables may include food and drinks made from plant extracts. One of the best parts about these consumables is that they are available in the market in various forms. 

Weed gummies, hard candies, brownies, and more are often hailed to be some of the best cannabis eatables. While these are readily available in the market, a lot of people prefer making them at home. Using them the right way can get you all pumped up and have various effects on the body. 


How Long Does Cannabis Edible Take to Interact with the Body? 

They usually have two major compounds- THC and CBD. THC is the component for getting you high. If you’re using Weed carts, it will get you all active and focused. The use of THC eatables can indeed be a great way to improve your focus and help you become determined toward your task. 

On the other hand, if you’re using CBD gummies, you will take some time to sleep. This is mostly because CBD weed candies have a positive or relaxing impact on the physique, which allows you to sleep peacefully and stay calm. Well, to enjoy such effects, it is basic that you utilize or use them in the right amounts. 

Research states that when comparing smoking and consuming edibles, the latter takes some time to kick in. This is mostly because when you consume the eatables, it takes longer to be absorbed in the body. On the other hand, smoking them can lead to faster absorption and distribution across the bloodstream. 

Cannabis Edible

Usually, these weed gummies will take 30-90 minutes to kick in and around 2-3 hours to reach their peak effect. Several factors determine how long cannabis edibles would take to interact with the body, such as its weight, metabolism, gender, and when the person ate. 

If you’re consuming them under the tongue, the absorption would be faster, thereby ensuring a long-term reaction. So, if you’re consuming weed-infused lollipops or tinctures, you’ll observe a faster impact. 

Do You Know?
Candies, chocolate bars, cakes, etc., made with marijuana leaves or higher potency cannabis extracts, are less-detectable alternatives to smoking marijuana.

How Long Will Weed Gummies Last in the Body?

Once you’ve taken the weed gummies, it can last anywhere between four to twelve hours, depending on the person’s physique and dosage.

 However, the metabolism and tolerance level of an individual also have an effect on the consumption schedule. 

Most people consuming these candies consider it to have a long-term effect. They suggest that these gummies can help them sleep peacefully and ensure growth in the body. 

Do Cannabis Edibles Have Any Negative Effects on the Body?

Cannabis Edible MarketSize

(This graph shows the cannabis edibles market size, by type, 2021-2032 (USD Billion).

While there are no prominent or extensive post reactions to them, it is still advisable to consume them in limited amounts. It is also important to note that not everyone will have the same kind of interaction or reaction with the plant eatables. Usually, these grass consumables have an intense or longer-lasting high. 

The high that these grass edibles produce indeed helps you stay relaxed or calm. However, when you overdose on these components, there might be some minor aftermath like heart attacks, anxiety, panic attacks, and so on. 

Moreover, apart from physical health, it may lead to mental health issues as well when it causes cannabis-induced temporary psychosis. 

cannabis-induced temporary psychosis. 


There’s no doubt that these eatables are one of the best ways to consume grass, but make sure to be aware of the risks too. The impact of them on the body and their duration will vary a lot depending on your persona. 

You must maintain your regular schedule while using them to avoid any long-term, significant impact. Moreover, make sure to keep your children and infants away from these consumables as they may confuse these to be candies. 

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