Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK (unlock everything)

Updated on : June 20, 2023

Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK (unlock everything)

Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK 1.1.32 (Money) Download

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Have you ever driven erratically along the road, launching a barrage of violent bombardments in a variety of scenarios? If you want to experience this fast-paced thrill, download and play RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK.

Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod Apk File Information:

App NameRocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK
File Size1.1 GB
Latest Version1.1.32
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesUnlimited Everything


On mobile, there are many racing games, but those that are visually appealing, of excellent quality, and have a lot of replay value are few and far between. RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is the only game you should select if you’re looking for a mobile racing game with a violent shooting battle equivalent to a true action picture.

Racing and shooting at the same time

Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK
Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is an action game like no other. This game allows you to indulge your desire for speed by participating in thrilling races and racing while firing wildly at the adversary. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a good time with a racing game.

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You are only one of the best racers on the track in the game. Many AI opponents or other players are constantly eager to be the first to finish. You must destroy them in order to win. Shoot adversaries with firearms, grenades, and rockets until they are destroyed. The more racing machines you smash along the route, the more likely you are to win.

And to win, your car must be both fast and strong. You have to customize and upgrade the car continuously. And shooting, reaching the finish line first is the fastest way to collect bonuses. If you have a lot of money, you can upgrade whatever you want. Gradually with your talent, you will turn the original car into a real racing car.

Not only racing and shooting as you think, RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme also increases the level of difficulty and excitement by a thousand times when it brings countless pitfalls along the track. You must overcome fire traps, giant Morgenstern, chainsaws that cross the road. If you are more skillful, you can trick your opponent into these traps and destroy them.

And in order to win, your vehicle must be both quick and powerful. You must constantly personalise and update the vehicle. And, when it comes to bonuses, the fastest way to receive them is to be the first to cross the finish line. You can improve everything you want if you have a lot of money. With your ability, you will gradually transform the initial automobile into a true racing machine.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme not only boosts the degree of difficulty and thrill by a thousand times by adding innumerable traps around the circuit. You must avoid fire traps, enormous Morgenstern, and road-crossing chainsaws. You may mislead your opponent into these traps and demolish them if you are more skilled.

Aside from dodging traps and killing adversaries, you need remember to gather unusual goods along the road, such as slowing time, speeding up, and turning into a machine to halt the enemy. These things, albeit only temporary, can help you get closer to victory.

Unique background and many things to admire

Not only does the game provide a few basic races or venues, but it also allows you to face races from various historical times. You’ll embark on a race to explore ancient Egypt with a succession of world-famous wonders, then experience the thrills of driving under cliffs or maneuvering through a sandstorm.

Graphics and sound

The rich 3D sights and acoustics are a significant component of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme’s appeal. Engine growling, tires dragging on the road, speeding to shoot fog at the opponent, fantastic steering impact hissing on the road, collision, collision, bursting… The game’s racing moments have to be described as spectacular. a

Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK 1.1.32 (Money) Download

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