bettilt app india payment method

Updated on : June 30, 2023

bettilt app india payment method

Indian Betting Payment Methods: Convenient and Secure Transactions

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India is a country where online sports betting is official and plays an important role in people’s lives. One of the most critical parts of the whole process, apart from placing a bet, is handling the money. Now, special agents can help you with this process, but it will require cash.

Figuring out which one is the best payment system on your own is quite difficult because there is a wide variety of them in the world. Here you will learn about the most popular payment methods in online betting among Indians from the popular UPI to e-wallets like PhonePe.


Confidence in the Bookmaker

Payment systems are one of the main criteria for the security and reliability of a bookmaker. When choosing among the many applications, a lot of Indians select bettilt. There are many reasons for that:

  • Legality. This platform is licensed by Curacao under number 126608 and is sublicensed for electronic gaming, which is why you can be sure that it is safe, reliable, and complies with international criteria;
  • A wide range of payment methods. The app uses only safe and common methods for depositing and withdrawing money, when you choose bettilt, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your finances;
  • Large selection of sporting disciplines. The site makes it easy for you to find the physical or cyber sport that interests you. You will be able to bet in real-time and have even more fun watching the match.

Downloading the bettilt app Android will only take a couple of seconds and give you full confidence in the reliability and security of your bettings.

Criteria for Choosing a Payment Method

Before taking a detailed look at the most popular payment systems in India, it is worth knowing how to understand whether the system is good or not at all. If you want to make sure that your financial data is protected, you need to verify the payment system on the following parameters:

  • Security. Check what security methods the payment service uses, most commonly this can be data encryption, two-factor authentication, and fraud protection;
  • Accessibility. There is no point in checking out a system that does not work in your country, first, make sure you can use it;
  • Convenience. Using something without a native interface is difficult, that’s why you should be sure that you understand where you need to click;
  • The currencies and commissions used. For many Indians, it’s important that rupees are available for payment, check currency rates and transaction commissions charged;
  • Reviews. You can easily check a bad system just by reading about it from users.

Electronic Payment Systems

The most popular payment method among online bookmakers is electronic payment systems. There are a huge number of them all over the world as well as in India. The most popular systems in India and separately e-wallets will be discussed below.


This is the most popular payment system among betting sites in India, created by the government. Using it in combination with the special BHIM app, Indians can make transfers instantly without any intermediaries or commissions. Of course, this system is available to all residents of the country and is well-secured.

UPI works 24/7 therefore you can always make any kind of transaction. Moreover, it cooperates with many banks in the country, that way it will be possible to pay with your smartphone in almost every institution in India. On the bettilt, you can deposit from Rs 100 to Rs 100,000 in a single transaction, which will take place instantly.

Google Pay

This payment system is a product of Google, which makes it trustworthy. It is quite user-friendly and intuitive, available in almost all languages. The app allows you to link bank accounts and user cards for easy financial management and offers additional features like savings, loyalty programs, and cash-back bonuses. On the mentioned platform, you will be able to recharge using Google Pay from Rs 100 to Rs 100,000 at a time.


One of the world’s most popular payment systems, Skrill has been in operation since 2001. And it has not caused any complaints from users. Security is assured through data encryption and two-factor authentication, which is why it is commonly used by betting sites. 

Skrill provides users with the election currency, which includes Indian rupees. Also, its interface is clear and user-friendly for most people in the world. Skrill will give you the option to add Rs 500 to 50,000 instantly to your account balance and withdraw Rs 500 to 100,000 in 24 hours.


It is another payment system that is in worldwide demand and has been in operation since 1999. Security is ensured by 256-bit data encryption protocols and fingerprinting of the device. Deposits can be made via bank transfers and credit cards, as well as other electronic payment systems. You can deposit your balance on bettilt instantly from Rs 300 to Rs 50,000, and withdraw from Rs 500 to a whole million, which takes up to 24 hours.

Electronic Wallets

This is one of the newly created online payment methods that has managed to become the most popular worldwide and in India. The most common wallet for locals is PhonePe. It can be topped up with cards, online banking, and UPI. The app offers its users autopay, account sharing, and cashback programs, besides the standard features. They use multi-level authentication and data encryption to ensure security. 

You can deposit your account on the mentioned app starting from Rs 100 and up to 100,000 in a single transaction, the transfer is immediate.


Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that has emerged quite recently. It is considered to be more secure as it is cryptographically encrypted. The advantages of such currency include:

  • Keeping anonymity, as there is no need to make personal information available when transacting;
  • The possibility of fast and border-independent transfers is especially useful for international betting.

Using cryptocurrencies, you can both make deposits and withdrawals from bettilt. The minimum amount for a transaction is Rs 500 and the maximum is Rs 100,000.


To sum up, the choice of payment system is important to ensure safety and comfort while betting in India. There are many parameters to consider such as security, convenience, availability of required currencies for choosing the systems that suit you. Be careful when selecting one, as it will give you control over the financial aspects and allow you to enjoy the process of betting on sports.

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