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Updated on : January 2, 2023

Slayer Guide

OSRS Cave Horror Slayer Guide

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Learn all the tactics to defeat this enemy.

Old School RuneScape has many different enemy types that you can battle. A lot of these monsters require other tactics to take them down. Some are also a good source of OSRS gold. You will encounter increasingly dangerous enemies as you level up and increase your combat stats and Slayer level. However, all enemies in the game can be defeated with careful planning and tactics .

Some enemies are weak to range weapons, while others are weak to melee weapons and magic. Knowing your enemies’ defenses to defeat them more easily is essential. Some enemies can be difficult but have low defensive stats.

An example of enemies that can be potentially dangerous is Cave Horrors. These troll-like beasts can do significant damage. It is also essential to be aware of your surroundings to ensure you don’t pull anger from multiple ones. Once you know how to defeat them, you will gain a lot of XP per hour. You will also gain valuable materials which can be sold or traded for OSRS GP.

The following is a quick guide on how to take care of these hulking giants. Let’s jump into it.

Cave Horror Location and Requirements

Cave Horrors are found in only one location in RuneScape. They can be found inside Mos Le’Harmless Cave. You will need to complete the Cabin Fever quest, which is part of the Pirate quest series, to access this area. However, you still need to meet a few requirements and gather a few OSRS items before you can slay this enemy.

The following requirements need to be met:

  • Your Slayer Level must be at least 58.
  • A Witchwood Icon to protect yourself from the Cave Horror’s special attack. Bought from a Slayer Master for 900 OSRS gold.
  • A light source.

Once those requirements are met, you are ready to fight the Cave Horrors. It is also essential to know that these enemies are only available to Members/Subscribers.

Cave Horror Stats

Cave Horrors can do good damage. However, they don’t have high hitpoints. They also have low defenses, making them easy to farm when you know how to them out. No matter your OSRS item set, the Cave Horror is weak to everything. So it doesn’t matter if you use melee, magic, or range. All of these will do their maximum amount of damage.

Combat Info

  • Combat level: 80
  • Max hit: 9
  • OSRS GP/kill: 3,300
  • Defensive Stats/Weakness: Low/All
  • Slayer level Requirement: 58

Combat Stats

  • Hitpoints: 55
  • Attack: 80
  • Strength: 77
  • Defense: 62
  • Magic: 80
  • Ranged: 1

Recommend Strategies and OSRS Items

Cave Horrors are melee-type monsters in Old School RuneScape. However, their melee attacks do heavy magic damage, so it is best to use armor with high protection against magic attacks. Make sure to be wearing the Witchwood Icon to negate their special attack that does 10% of your base hitpoints. If players have, this attack and other melee attacks can be negated using Protect From Melee. If players have to Protect From Melee, feel free to replace the Witchwood Icon with a necklace that provides better stats.

Cave Horrors can consistently defeat Cave Horrors by using a cannon and making good use of safe spots around the mushrooms and rocks in the cave area. For clarification, safe spots are areas where you (the player) can attack a monster from range, using either a bow or magic and not anger the beast. This is usually done close to obstacles where the enemy won’t wander around the object, allowing you to attack freely without worry. Applying all of these tactics, you will be able to farm this enemy easily.

Notable Drops

You and other players should be aware of some notable drops. The following OSRS items are some special items that Cave Horrors drop:

  • Big Bones: Collecting these is great for gaining experience and selling them to get OSRS gold.
  • Black Mask: This mask has a low drop chance and is worth a lot of money. However, it is also one of the components needed to make the Slayer Helm, which gives excellent combat bonuses.

Cave Horrors are also great for farming seeds, herbs, weapons, and runes. All of these are great for selling or using for crafting. As you can see, there is a lot of reason to farm Cave Horrors. They have beneficial item drops, especially if one wants to make gold.


I hope this guide was helpful. Cave Horrors can be intimidating at first, but they aren’t too hard to take down once you know their weaknesses. Having Protect From Melee or a Witchwood Icon will make fighting them significantly more straightforward. However, it is also necessary to have one of these OSRS items, or you will be in for a tough time with this enemy. Not impossible to do, but it will make it a struggle. Cannons can also be used to help take these guys done. You will earn a good amount of XP per hour, OSRS GP, and hopefully, a Black Mask to craft the Slayer Helm.

Do you have any other tips for defeating Cave Horrors in Old School RuneScape? If so, let us know in the comments.

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