Online carrom

Updated on : August 16, 2023

Online carrom

Play Carrom Online with Six Leading Online Carrom Platforms

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The carrom game, originating from India, has gained global recognition due to its easy rules, competitive nature, and appeal to players of all ages. Embrace the convenience of online platforms, allowing board game download and providing virtual boards for real-time multiplayer matches. 

Connect with players worldwide and become part of a vibrant global community. Say goodbye to physical boards and experience the joy of playing the carrom game anytime, anywhere. Join the revolution and enjoy the game like never before.

The gamer count in the world has grown from 2.03 billion in 2015 to 3.32 billion in 2023. It is predicted to foster more in the near future, with a number of 3.32 billion.


Six Leading Online Carrom Platforms

Carrom Club

Carrom Club

Carrom Club is a feature-rich online game from the Indian company ButterBox Games. It has one million+ downloads in PlayStore. It provides the features below:

  • Engage in competitive gameplay against friends and players from around the world.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and gameplay seamless.
  • Customize the game rules to suit your preferences and create unique gameplay experiences.
  • Participate in tournaments and challenge yourself against skilled opponents.
  • Play Carrom Club on Android and PC ensures accessibility for all players. Join the club for family-friendly fun, multiplayer challenges, conquering levels, realistic physics, strategic gameplay, stunning visuals, progress tracking, and becoming the ultimate champion.

Carrom Pool

carrom pool

It is one of the oldest Online Carrom games from Miniclip. However, now it is replaced with the Carrom Disc Pool.

  • Its addictive gameplay is attributed to its simplicity. Thus, players of all levels enjoy it.
  • The game offers diverse game modes, including Classic, Freestyle, and Disc Pool.
  • A regular ranking system makes it more competitive.
  • It ensures a realistic engine for smooth and immersive gameplay and clean graphics.

Carrom Friends

carrom friends

Experience the joy of playing the board game digitally with a simple Carrom board game download, bringing back the nostalgic fun right to your device. Yoozoo Global presents Carrom Friends.

  • Multiplayer Options: Play against friends or players worldwide, adding a competitive element to the game.
  • Diverse Gameplay Modes: Players can play offline with a machine, Online multiplayer, or local opponents, each with its rules and challenges.
  • Social Features: Engage with opponents through in-game chat, connect with friends, join communities, and share achievements and experiences.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Currently, it supports only Android devices.

Carrom Disc Pool

Carrom Disc Pool

Carrom Disc Pool is the highest-rated board game in PlayStore offered by Miniclip. It’s fun, challenging, and played by people of all ages.

  • It offers an exciting gameplay experience with captivating mechanics, rules, and objectives.
  • It offers diverse game modes, including Free Style and Disc Pool.
  • Experience the Disc Pool with free daily golden shots, global arenas, smooth controls, realistic physics, unlockable strikers/pucks, victory chests, and striker upgrades.
  • It supports both offline and multiplayer modes.

Carrom King

Carrom King

Carrom King by Gametion Global comes up with exciting features:

  • It offers easy-to-learn gameplay, smooth controls, and lifelike real 3D physics, suitable for all players.
  • Join international matches in Black & White and Freestyle modes. Team up in 2V2 mode, play in VIP lobbies with voice chat and challenge opponents worldwide.
  • It also offers exciting single-player offline modes. Challenge the AI, conquer levels in captivating Trick Shots, and enjoy multiplayer Pass & Play mode with friends and family.
  • Players worldwide love this game due to its User-friendly interface and intuitive controls.

Out of the total gaming population in the USA, 45% are females, and the rest of them are males.


Carrom Live

Carrom Live

Carrom Live, offered by Octro, is another addicting online board game.

  • Real-time multiplayer gameplay.
  • Experience exciting multiplayer gameplay against real opponents online or offline with friends and family. Take on players worldwide or nearby.
  • Experience the competitive gameplay and climb the leaderboards.
  • Chat with opponents and friends, fostering friendship and rivalry. Connect with Facebook to invite and challenge friends for shared joy.
  • Immersive experience

Platform Comparison

Carrom Pool and Carrom Disc Pool are from Miniclip and have over 100 million+ downloads thanks to the updated gameplay adoption and smooth graphics. Carrom King is not far behind with 50 million+ downloads. 

It also offers features like daily rewards, spin the wheel, and captivates collectibles. The Live version boasts one million+ downloads with features like switch power meter controls and daily free chips. 

All the above are available across both Android and iOS platforms. Carrom Club and Carrom Friends, too, provide tough competitions. However, they are yet to be available on iOS platforms.

PlayerzPot: Top Online Carrom Platform

PlayerzPot stands out as a trusted platform for online game downloads, offering numerous perks and ensuring reliability. By offering multiplayer functionality, we enable players to participate in international competitions, intensifying the game’s competitive nature. 

The platform prioritizes fair play and security, implementing competent Anti-cheat measures. Regular updates, new game modes, and tournaments keep the community engaged and entertained. As a result, PlayerzPot has gained a reputation for reliability, making it the preferred choice for online game enthusiasts.


All six platforms are famous in their respective areas. They offer thrilling multiplayer gameplay, realistic physics, stunning visuals, and opportunities to challenge friends and players worldwide. 

Carrom Live’s intuitive chat experience, Carrom King’s lucrative perks, daily rewards, multiple modes of Pool and disc pool, and the unique gameplay experience of Club all have something to offer. So don’t hesitate and immerse yourself into the world of endless fun and become a champion today!

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