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Online Android Puzzle Games Every Puzzle-Loving Individual Should Try

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Puzzle games should be your go-to choice if you want to kill time lucratively. These games are designed in a way that you get the best brain exercise and can also destress while you are at it. This is not a question of choice if you are already a lover of puzzle games and understand the various benefits you reap.

The recent surge in playing online puzzle games has grown threefold after the lockdown implemented in 2019. These games help you keep busy and make you quite alert to your surroundings, making you an aware individual in a world where everyone is heavily distracted by the rising digital disruption.

Let’s check out some of the best puzzle games from the Android market that will keep you scratching your brains to get on the leaderboards table.

Baba is You

The idea of the game is built around a well-known Sokoban puzzle that is quite popular with puzzle game players. You have to play around with words and solve cryptic messages to get ahead in the game.

Your objective is to push around certain words to get ahead in the game while keeping the idea of getting them right at each instant. The game adds to your vocabulary and makes you more knowledgeable about word usage within a concise time. You only need to invest 7 hours of your time in finishing the game, and you will have completed all the challenges. 

The best reward in the game is the gratifying feeling you get after completing each puzzle, and it is entertaining to play and a fulfilling experience.

MPL Block Puzzle

The block puzzle game on MPL is one of a kind, and you get a simplistic experience while playing it. There are no forced animations, and you will find that all the games you are playing are visually simple but mentally quite challenging. The game has the most intuitive controls, and you will find that it is easy to get a match within a fraction of a second against a tough opponent. 

The game’s main objective is to complete it within two minutes and gather the most scores by placing blocks into a 9X9 square and matching them, creating bonuses in every play you are making. Players need to be quick with their hands and their brain and focus only on their game to get the best results and dissociate their attention from the opponent’s play if they want to win and improve their precious scores.

To download block puzzle game from MPL, visit their website or the Android app store to get your copy.

Golf Peaks

This game made around golf is stylized after a miniature golf game, but there is more to it as it is wholeheartedly a puzzle game at its core. Instead of playing actual golf, you have to use cards to move around your ball in the game and finish the challenge. There are over 120 levels of playing in the game. The game is based on logic, so before moving the ball, you have to think and chalk out the repercussions of your choice and then move the piece. The game is designed amazingly, so it is advised that you get it installed and have a gala time playing through the many stages of the game.

Eyes of Ara

This game has been newly introduced in the app store and is bound to remind you of the many classic puzzle games you have previously played. The game is set around an important story, and you must grab bits and pieces of the game’s secret stories to reveal the game’s final story.

Since the game is new on the market, the controls are pretty tricky, and you have to adjust yourself to use them, and in the worst cases, they might not even work. The best factor about the game is the beauty of the world which has been given top priority, and it does strike out from the regular puzzle games in today’s market.

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

This one is also for scenery lovers, and you get around 18 stages to play this game set in a winter landscape. Every individual puzzle on this has a distinct storyline, and you would be drawn in by the uniquely crafted experience that this third installment of the game provides you. The visuals are amazing, and the designers have crafted each level with meticulous detail.

You will be amazed to find that the game has console-like play even if it is on mobile, so this one is a must-try. When installing the game, be sure you have a lot of space on your Android device, as the installation file is large and takes up a lot of space.

Final Thoughts

Everyone around the world loves puzzle games because they spark an interest in you and provoke you to use your mind to wiggle out ideas and deduce the toughest of knots. People should play puzzle games every instance they get up as it is a refresher and allows them to unwind after a long day at work. If you love fixating on puzzles, this list acts as a bonus as we have added the best and some unheard mentions to the platter, and it is up to you to make a choice, so go ahead and don’t be shy.

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