Updated on : November 24, 2022


NBA Fantasy Steps into Another Dimension

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Sorare has an agreement with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). The French company is now the NBA’s NFT (non-fungible token) official fantasy partner, which grants it exclusive copyrights and patents for the NBA championship and team insignia for its use.

The multi-year partnership agreement will create new content and opportunities for NBA sports fans, either through teams or individually. They can compete through a new fantasy gaming experience where they can create personal NFT-based digital athletes. These, in turn, allow them to earn points based on the actual performance of NBA teams and players, which can coincide with players’ NBA picks today.

A New Era of Fantasy Sports

Sorare plans to host the NBA game during the league’s normal season, which began on October 18. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed in the announcement.

The new experience builds on Sorare’s growing user base. It reportedly has two million users across 185 countries, including in Europe and Asia, where the company is experiencing rapid growth with its soccer alternative.

Late last year, Sorare’s fantasy football platform NFT achieved a $4.3 billion valuation when it announced a $680 million Series B funding round. The company said at the time that it would use the money to finance various developments and form partnerships with Major League Soccer and MLB. 

Sorare has also committed to capitalizing on marketing campaigns and working on new partnerships with professional sports organizations, marking its entry into the U.S. market. It also has licenses with more than 280 international soccer clubs in major leagues such as Spain’s LaLiga, the German Bundesliga, and the Italian Serie A.

Strategies for Winning Fantasy Leagues

Sorare isn’t the only company to offer NBA fantasy games – Dunkest is another popular option. All of them, however, share certain characteristics when it comes time to analyze how to win. 

There are two ways to play, although “Roto” Leagues are the most popular. To create one, there are several inherent traits:

  • A day and time must be established among all the participants to make a draft before the start of the competition.
  • In that draft, they will randomly give you your position to choose your players. If you’re lucky and pick first, you’ll ensure you get the player you think is the best so no other team will have that player on their roster.
  • 13 players are chosen, one by one, and the rounds go in ascending order until all the players have chosen their player to later begin the selection of the 2nd round in descending order: that is, if you have been unlucky in your choice in the draft and you pick last at least the second round, you will be the first to pick (you will pick two players in a row)

Everything Is Not Created Equally

A very common mistake in NBA fantasy leagues is to think that points, rebounds, and assists are priority categories for classification. There are times when a player can score 40 points and have, for example, a 10% three-point percentage or lose 10 balls, while another with 20 points and stable percentages without charging turnovers goes unnoticed.

In the previous case, for the purpose of consolidating fantasy NBA points, the one who does not weigh down in a category would be more valuable no matter how many scores they get. Therefore, the score in blocks, free throws, or turnovers is worth the same as the most useful scores in a basketball game. Learn not to discriminate against any category.

Use Pivots That Make Double-doubles

A recommended strategy is to opt for a powerful pivot candidate for MVP as the first pick. Logically, not everyone is worth it, but if you manage to have Davis, Jokic, or Embiid on your team, you will ensure a good source of points and rebounds that will very possibly translate into double-doubles.

The statistics are usually dominated by players who get 10 or more points and 10 or more rebounds. There are also those who usually do double-doubles with assists, but statistically, there are centers that practically do double every day and are a great source of fantasy points.

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