Want a pet? First try it virtually. Games1Tech is here with another article for you, this one is for ‘My Talking Tom 2’. We will tell you everything about this game in this write-up, just go through it once. Here we will talk about new version of the game, it has come with all new and amazing features. This game is going to be very useful if you live with a kid below 10. Its true that younger kids should not be habitual of technology. You can allow them to play My Talking Tom  whenever you are travelling, napping or whenever the kid becomes a headache. This game will keep the kid busy and you will be relieved.

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Meet Tom

Tom is a cat who is at your service all the time. You will see standing and staring at you with love every time you open this application. Tom can repeat whatever you say, in a rather cute and kiddish voice. In another voice, Tom is going to mimic you, in front of you, and You are so going to enjoy it.

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What to do with Tom

Since we stated earlier that Tom would be like your virtual pet, so you have to care of its hygiene. Food, rest, play, you even have to cuddle this cat. In a nutshell, you will have to be a proper parent and look after it. By the way, how are you going to do this? For food – click on fork and knife icon, it’ll take you to the kitchen then feed your pet whatever you want, milk, soda, cake, etc. once you are feeding your hungry pet, buy more food from the store.

You also have to keep your pet clean, look at the clock after playing for a while. The clock will tell you if there is a need to clean or not. If you have to clean your cat, then click on the bathroom icon that takes you and Tom straight to the bathroom. Tom is a well-behaved cat hence;, it will not just excrete anywhere. Take Tom to the toilet, then he’ll go inside by himself, and you will ‘hear’ what’s going on inside. Yes! You will hear some humorous noises, and you’ll know. We would not recommend this, but if you want, you can open the door and make Tom a little uncomfortable, for fun.

There are many soaps available which you can pick for Tom. Clean his as much as you want; Tom looks very pretty when he’s all covered in bubbles.

Sick name is Booboo

My taking Tom mod apk is designed in a way that it feels like a real-life cat. To cope with that, this cat gets sick too, and when it is sick, it’s called Booboo. With this in mind, whenever you see, Tom is not doing so well, click on the medicine icon. There is no specific procedure for a cure, so experiment and make Tom all good to go again.

He needs rest too

Make sure that you turn off the lights after playing so that he can go to sleep. You can wake him up again once you see his health meter is full. If you don’t want him to sleep and just play with Tom in that case, just buy medicine’s vial. The vial will fill Tom’s health meter to 100%, in a click.


My Talking Tom Apk

Minigame of My Talking Tom 2 is very interesting and very effective in earning coins so that you can buy stuff for his maintenance. Not just one, but many minigames are waiting for you: racing, fighting, and whatnot.

Explore it all with Tom

You get plane tickets after you clear every level. To where? Anywhere you want! Isn’t that exciting? You and your pet going shopping all over the world, buy clothes and everything extra that you ever wanted.

Not only you can eat, dress, sleep repeat, but also you can renovate the bathroom and kitchen.

Sound and Graphics

Audio and visual effects play a very important role in any game that is specially made for kids. Up to a point, this game has the same graphics as the previous one. My Talking Tom 2 has brilliant and sharp 3D graphics. Tom is just as cute in this version as it was in the previous one.

My Talking Tom Apk

As for sound, there is one very eye-catching feature (technically ear-catching) that is added that is mimicking the human voice. This is a very unique and lovely feature; whatever you say to Tom, it repeats in the same tone, just a little childish voice.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk File Information:

App Name My Talking Tom Mod Apk
File Size 24.51 MB
Latest Version
Operation System Android 4.0 and Above
Cost 100% Free
Features Unlimited Money

My Talking Tom Mod Apk Features:

  1. Tom is back with new and amazing features.
  2. You can feed your pet in the game.
  3. Players have to keep Tom clean.
  4. You can dress your per with whatever clothes you want.
  5. The game has an in-built bathroom, kitchen, and toilet.
  6. You can play many mini-games and earn ample of coins.
  7. Players can even travel with Tom anywhere in the world, after each level.
  8. You can buy food from the store easily.
  9. Tom can go to sleep (if you turn the lights off) and charge itself.
  10. Tom can mimic your voice.
  11. You will have an inseparable virtual pet with you all the time.


So, now you are all aware of My Talking Tom and its exciting features. Make Tom your pet as soon as you can. Take care of it, feed it, keep it clean, dress it properly, and oh! Don’t ever forget to tease it when he’s alone in the toilet (you know what I mean). Take immense care of him when he’s sick. Get him to be your best friend.

Download My Talking Tom Mod Apk (Coins/Tickets) 

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