Updated on : May 8, 2023


Jet x Pinup: Have Fun and Earn Money

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Slot machines are presented in the casino with thousands of different titles. The first slots were a digital version of one-armed bandits. They were not distinguished by high-quality graphics and unique options. The development of technology has led to the emergence of more unique gambling products that have acquired a huge audience. A prime example is Jet X, which is a mixture of arcade and slot. The machine has a user-friendly interface, so beginners can easily understand the nuances of rates. An additional advantage is the results table, which reflects the bets of other gamblers. This allows you to maintain the spirit of the competition by comparing your results with the rates of other casino visitors.

The application was developed by SmartSoft Studio. Many other popular projects in her catalog are distinguished by their bright visual style and high chances of winning. You can test Jet x Pinup at every opportunity, which is enough to use the services of a reliable casino. The site has many years of experience, which allowed us to achieve an excellent level of service. The catalog contains thousands of top slots and hundreds of games with live dealers, for which players can spend many exciting evenings.

Features of Bets in the Game Jet x

As with other popular slot machines, the game is based on the use of a random number generator. It excludes the possibility of influence on the outcome of the round from the outside. In this regard, gamblers have to rely on their luck and stick to a certain strategy that matches the available bankroll.

Before the start of the next round, the player will be asked to place a bet within a wide range of limits. Bets must be placed manually or automatically. In the first case, each next bet is confirmed independently by the gambler. In the second case, it will be enough for him to set the size of the bet and indicate the coefficient at which the payment will be received. Autoplay is great for casino visitors who want to earn income, but do not have the opportunity to pay the necessary attention to the gaming process.

The main task for a casino client who has chosen Jet X for betting is to receive payment promptly. After launching the aircraft, you can pick up the winnings at any time, but you should not rush. The coefficients will increase until the aircraft is gaining altitude. At the moment when he crashes, the player will not be able to receive a reward and the bet will burn out. Therefore, you need to calculate as accurately as possible the moment when it is better to press the “get paid” button. Experienced casino visitors may note that the betting process is in many ways similar to other entertainment from this category:

  • Zeppelin;
  • Aviator;
  • Rocket.

It also suggests that similar betting strategies can be used in the game. Moderate or conservative tactics will be the safest. It involves receiving a payout when a minimum coefficient is reached, for example, 1.2 or 2.0. Such quotes are achievable in most rounds. For beginners, this is the best option, since the strategy allows you to maintain confidence in your abilities. To get higher dividends thanks to bets, you should use a medium-risk strategy. As part of it, you need to take winnings at odds of 3.0-5.0. Practice shows that this range is achievable in many rounds. A risky strategy involves receiving payouts at odds of 10.0 or higher. Here you already need to have confidence in your abilities, since sometimes you have to wait for the right quotes for several rounds in a row.

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