It Takes Two Chapters – Listed

Updated on : July 11, 2023

It Takes Two Chapters – Listed

It Takes Two Chapters – Listed One by One

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it takes two

Gaming friends always have a common bond. They understand each other more and can relate their experiences to each other.”

If both you and your friend are fond of playing video games together, today we have a great gift for you. It Takes Two is a multiplayer adventure game that is not your cliche shooting or arcade multiplayer. You and your friend need to have brilliant coordination with each other to move further with different levels. 

The development of this brilliant idea was done by highly skilled and expert developers of Hazelight Studios. After that, the responsibility of publishing it into the market is taken by none other than EA Sports. Gamers who use Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, or even Nintendo Switch, can enjoy playing the game. 

You can guess how favored and liked this masterpiece is by reading its public reviews. Moreover, it has won numerous awards at international-level shows. Some of them are Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021 and the 25th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards. This can give you an idea of how people are getting crazy about this. 

It Takes Two Chapter List

it takes two chapter list

If you like slow poison flowing through your veins, you will certainly love this game. While trying this out, it took almost 6 to 7 continuous hours to complete it till the end. This means you and your friend would need quite a lot of long sessions together to beat it. Well, here is the list of It Takes Two chapters:

  1. Chapter 1 – The Shed
  2. Chapter 2 – The Tree
  3. Chapter 3 – The PillowFort
  4. Chapter 4 – Space Station
  5. Chapter 5 – Road to the Magic Castle
  6. Chapter 6 – Gates of Time
  7. Chapter 7 – Snowglobe
  8. Chapter 8 – Garden
  9. Chapter 9 – The Attic

These were the It Takes Two Chapters in order. It is recommended to finish a chapter in one go to maintain crispiness. Each of it takes two chapters and takes around 1 hour to complete, which means with this schedule, you and your friends can guarantee co-op with each other for around 10 days.

But games are not that simple, right? If we refer to HowLongToBeat, on average, it takes around 13.5 hours to beat it. It completely depends on the pace you and your friend prefer to play. If you like to explore the setting and screenplay, you can look for various easter eggs, small elements, and minigames to scale the fun of it.

If you ask what time it takes to explore them to their every point, well, there is no foolproof answer to that. However, on exploring the internet to seek an answer to this question, we concluded that it will take around 18 to 19 hours to enjoy every element present in this work of art.

It Takes Two Game Completed – Now What to Do?

it takes two chapters list

Have you ever tried other AAA open-world games like Grand Theft Auto(s)? You would know that you can play and enjoy their fictional world once you get over it. It Takes Two is also an open-world game, but it’s a bit different. You can access their world even after completing it and trying your hands at the mini-games developers have left for you. 

Even in those mini-games, you and your partner would need to cooperate with each other. Luckily, the developers have integrated 25 minigames to enjoy even after conquering the whole world. One interesting thing about them is that they are generally hidden in off-beat places, and you have to explore them. 

To make it more interesting, you can also switch players with your partner. May and Cody are completely different from each other, and their tasks are also completely different from each other. Thanks to its thoughtful team, they gave you a chance to get a completely new and fresh experience by shifting into different characters.

That is all with this question. You can try the things mentioned above today and share your experience with us. There is one more thing that we have especially for you. We have listed all the minigames so that you can know which one of them you have already played and how many are still left. 

  • The Shed Minigames
    • Whack-a-Cody
    • Flip the Switch
  • The Tree Minigames
    • Tug of War
    • Plunger Dunger
  • Rose’s Room Minigames
    • Tank Brothers
    • Spacewalk
    • Laser Tennis
    • Rodeo
    • Feed the Reptile
    • Batting Team
    • Birdstar
  • Cuckoo Clock Minigames
    • Bomb Run
    • Horse Derby
  • Snow Globe Minigames
    • Icicle Throwing
    • ShuffleBoard
    • Snow Warfare
    • Ice Race
  • Garden Minigames
    • Garden Swings
    • Larva Basket
    • Snail Race
  • Attic Minigames
    • Slotcars
    • Chess
    • Musical Chairs
    • Volleyball
    • Track Runner

These are those amazing 25 minigames that you can experience in the game. Build coordination with your friend and conquer each one of them.

Wrapping Up

It Takes Two is an interactive and adventurous multiplayer game. Unlike other multiplayer games, it is more on the subtle and adorable side. From various It Takes two chapter lists, you will have to face and conquer different types of challenges and dares. Therefore, it is necessary for you and your partner to build a strong bond.

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