Jee mains

Updated on : November 16, 2022

Jee mains

The Process of How to Prepare for JEE Main

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Preparation leads to success, as it would require a certain degree of strategy at your end. If your aim is IIT the first step is to clear the JEE main exams. There has to be a clear-cut study plan that would be the key to success in an exam like JEE. In fact, it happens to be the largest UG engineering exam. Hence a proper step that is necessary to prepare for the JEE test series is a formulation of a good study plan and there are certain tips and tricks that would enable to clear the exam with flying colors.

Begin with the Syllabus

Start off with the syllabus and understand which topics you need to study. It mainly caters to the class 11 and 12 chapters of chemistry, physics, and math. The moment you elaborate on the syllabus you will be aware of which the subjects that you need to leverage of maximum importance.

A step that you can take is segregating the topics of classes 11 and 12 which would allow common preparation for board and the entrance exams. Secondly, it is better that you split the topics of JEE main syllabus, into tough and easy so that you can prepare for the exam accordingly.

  • Split the subjects according to class 11 and class 12 syllabus
  • You have to divide the topics into having to learn, don’t know, and strong.
  • It is better that you check out the weightage-wise topics and segregate them as part of your exam preparation plan.

The moment you are studying the topics of JEE main it is important to formulate a strategy so that you can give weightage to the topics that carry maximum weightage. It is better that you analyze the last 10 years’ question papers to have an idea about the exam patterns. The reason is that the candidates should be familiar with the exam pattern to crack the exam. Sitting for jee mock test may be of help in such cases. By understanding the marking scheme it becomes easy for the candidate on calculating the way by which they should attempt the exam.

The Phase of Preparation for JEE Main?

The main point of consideration is how to go ahead with JEE exam preparation plan. After dividing the topics you need to have an idea about the weightage of each topic. Though all the topics may be important, there may be certain topics that may carry more weight than others. Check out the topper interviews, and previous years’ question papers to have an idea about the weightage of each topic.

  • Equal weightage should be given to all topics
  • Proper distribution of the time is necessary to study the topics. Spend more time on the difficult topics and less time on the topics you know. They should be enough to revise on the preceding days before the exam
  • As part of your timetable, you need to have a scheduled revision plan

Coming to the action plan of clearing JEE’s main

  •  Study the chapter and understand its concepts. You may use NCERT books for this.
  • When you are studying note down the important formulas and concepts. These short notes will be of help during the phase of revision
  •  After studying a chapter or topic check how much you will be able to recollect and to the extent that you have understood the topic.
  • You can practice the questions that are based on the topic studied. When you are preparing you do not go to the solution directly. The key is to attempt questions at your own end, make mistakes and then correct it. Following these steps will be of immense help in clearing the JEE main exams.
  • With the aid of analysis, you can have an idea about your weak areas and then focus on them while revising. Make sure that you sit for as many mock tests as far as possible so you understand which areas need attention.
  • Without revision, it would be very difficult to clear the JEE exams. If you revise then only you can improve.
  • Clear all the concepts and doubts that you have in your mind. Do not leave anything unattended.
  • Not only study but also take some breaks in between. Yes, studying is good, but it does not make sense if you keep on doing it on a recurring basis. So it is better to take time off and refresh yourself. You can do anything that eases your brain to a considerable extent. Physical exercise for half an hour would do your memory a word of good.

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