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Updated on : December 27, 2022

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How to play Skye in Valorant: Abilities, Tips & Tricks

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Skye is the 13th of Valorant’s 16 agents. Skye is one of the best agents in Valorant. She is an initiator who shares the responsibility of getting her team onto the site easily. She has the perfect arsenal that makes her an effective defender.

Skye’s kit might sound easy, but it is challenging for beginners. Most of her abilities are based on Skye’s trajectory to move. You have to understand Skye’s strengths, abilities, and weaknesses. 

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So, here are some valuable tips and tricks to play Skye in Valorant.

Guiding Light

Skye can throw out a hawk with which she can ignite to blind anyone in its line of sight. Make sure not to blind yourself or your teammates with this ability. Fire it around corners where you suspect your enemies are hiding. Hear out for Skye to call out if she hit someone and then move in.

However, Skye using a guiding light does not mean she has to flashbang opponents on seeing them. So, try communicating with your team to flash a zone to avoid allies in the crossfire. Communicating flashes is critical while using Skye to defend points.


Skye controls a Tasmanian tiger and uses it to look out for enemies. The tiger can jump on enemies, and Skye can command it to jump and make them unconscious. The tiger does not have great vision, but you can tell if the opponents are around. Suppose you come to face the rivals, unconscious them temporarily, and call out your teammates.

So, Trailblazer is a good option for spotting enemies and pushing them away. When Skye controls the tiger, she can scout potential push zones, chokepoints, and flanks. With this, you and your team can identify the rivals setting up a trap. So, you can use Trailblazer in forcing enemies to alter their rotation.


Regrowth is Skye’s healing ability. She equips a healing device and utilizes it to heal allies in her line of sight. She can unequip and reequip it as long as her limited healing is left. You can use Regrowth’s ability to heal multiple allies at once. However, you cannot use it to heal yourself, so don’t waste your ability.


Seekers are Skye’s ultimate and one of the best tracking tools in Valorant. She sends three Seekers to find enemies and blind them if they are not killed. Use the ability to defend a site and look out for enemies hiding. You can attract the Seekers as rivals will try to destroy them. Follow the Seekers in, find the enemies, and push them. Make sure to inform your team of your plan to follow up.

However, you need to remember that Seekers can blind only near sight rivals, moving slowly. Do not use Seekers in empty areas where enemies can reposition on spotting them. Instead, Seekers are effective in high-intensity firefights as the opponents do not have time to manage them.

Distance is key

Skye’s abilities have high cooldowns for their short duration than other agents having good ability process or low CDs. It means that Skye cannot deal optimal damage when used from a distance. Her trinkets will go long by the time she arrives. To compensate for the liability, Skye keeps a note of her space whenever she activates her abilities.

So, Skye prefers to use cover or within her range to watch out for her abilities for activation. In this way, she can signal her allies to either gather near her position or adjust the team’s position.

Push is Critical

Skye excels in reinforcing the team’s offensive push by being an initiator. However, Skye’s low survivability means she is not suitable for the front lines. You can utilize her potential by destroying the enemy’s defense enough and minimizing the team’s risks. You can spot enemies who may attempt to push you and your team.


Skye can create havoc in the enemy’s defense by using her skill set appropriately. Her Seekers and Trailblazer can push and recapture enemies. Regrowth can help your team bounce back into the game while Guiding Light can cause a distraction to kill enemies. The above tips and tricks will help you play Skye in Valorant to the best of your abilities.

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