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Updated on : August 14, 2023

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Left Right Center Game Rules | Easy Guide of How to Play LCR Game

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Key Takeaways

  • There should be at least 3 or more players in a group to start as per the Left Right Center game rules.
  • Each player should have 3 chips or tokens for each match.
  • If there are not enough chips available, you can use coins or anything shaped like a coin.
  • As per the Left Right Center game rules, the last person to have the chips left on his side wins the game. 

Left Right Center is a dice game that involves 2 dice and some chips (also referred to as tokens). It is a fun game to play with friends and family. It is also a sitting game or indoor game, but unlike any other card game, it does not include any complicated set of rules and conditions.

You just go on with the flow. Left Right Center game rules are a set of 3 or 4 basic points that you need to remember. Therefore, get started with today’s guide to how to play the Left Right Center game. 

Left Right Center Game Rules

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“One who doesn’t throw the dice can never expect to score a six.”

~ Navjot Singh Sidhu

The rules of the game are simple. 

  • Each player must have 3 chips at the beginning of the game.
  • There should be 3 dice compulsory in a game.
  • The player count must exceed the number of 3

These are the prerequisites or set of rules that need to be followed during the match. 

Note: If the player count is much more than the chips available, you can take some coins or tokens in use that can replicate those chips. 

How to Play Left Right Center

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We will learn how to play Left Right Center with an example. Suppose you are sitting at your place with your friends and family. There must be 3 or more than 3 people in the group.

For this case study, let us consider your group has 3 people in it. 

  1. Distribute chips in a way so that each player has 3 of them in their hands.
  2. You be the first to play, roll all three dice on the table.
  3. Now here comes the part, many dice that are specially made for this game are labeled with L, C, and R letters. While some dice are just regular ones.
    On rolling your dice, if you got the L (or four), you have to move one chip to the left player.
    If you get a C (or five), you have to keep the chip in the center of the table.
    And finally, if you get an R (or six), you have to move it towards the right pile of tokens.
    This way, if you get 2 L (or four) and 1 C (or five), you have to pass 2 chips to the player on the left and one chip to the center of the table.

This is how simply the Left Center Right game rules function and revolve around players.

Scoring System

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The scoring system is very simple. There is only one thing to consider at the end of the round. The player who is the last remaining person with at least one chip wins the game. 

This means it does not matter how many chips you have, just make sure you are the last person standing with at least one chip.

Why You Should Play Right Left Center Game

There are so many reasons why you should play this game. But if you don’t, here are some points that you can enjoy:

1. Get Closer With Friends and Family

Consider leaving your mobile phones for a bit and spend some more time with your loved ones. This game is a very good option for building conversations and leaving all the grudges.

2. Weekend Getaway

If you do not have any plans for the weekend, just call your loved ones to gather at a place and start playing the Left Right Center game. You can also carry its small kit with you on a trip so that you can play it on the go.

3. Easy to Play

Left Center Right is not like any other board game or card game. With its simple and easy set of Left Center Right game rules, even kids can learn to play this game. With just a simple left and right movements, you can even be the winner of the game. 

Tip:You can make your match more interesting by involving some monetary or material benefits for the winner of the round. Involve a prize and goodies in the competition to build dedication in the game.
However, be responsible while playing with money. Do not gamble all of your amount as you can also lose them.

Wrapping Up

“Left Center Right” or “Left Right Center” is a fun and entertaining game to play with your friends and family. You just need three or more than three people in your group to start with the game. Also, there are many special editions of the game being sold in the market. You can buy Halloween specials, Christmas special packs, etc. from the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Rolling a star in left right center game rules means how many chips you have played in the center of the table. 

Ans: The left center right game is both based on luck and strategies.

Ans: No, there must be at least three people in the group to start playing LCR.

Ans: A match of Left center right can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.


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