Updated on : June 2, 2023


How Edge Computing Can Improve Game Development

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Gaming is a huge sector in today’s world. In the present situation, it is not limited just to entertaining children sitting at the computer. Various AAA games and highly realistic programs are getting introduced into the market. 

Companies are in continuous trials to make this sector boom and grow. And somewhere they are getting successful. To achieve this epitome of success, many new innovations are getting into existence to eliminate the lags and make it smooth yet powerful. Just one of those innovations, Edge computing is a recent development. With Docker hub and containerization, this technology can achieve great success and security guarantee. 

edge vs cloud computing

What is Edge Computing, and How is it Different from Traditional Computing?

Before entering the ground, it is significant to understand it before making your first step. Likewise, before jumping to its functioning and benefits, we are going to learn about it. 

The market is on such a boom that the revenue of this industry has been increasing exponentially through last recent years. In 2019, the industry made its way from 138 billion USD to 176 billion USD in 2 years. It is estimated that in 2025, the market will reach up to 275 billion USD.

As mentioned in the name, Edge computing brings the storage and processing unit to the “edge” of your network. Can’t understand? Well, let us break it into simpler terms. The whole process revolves around shortening the distance between the storage server and you. Follow the complete article to learn more about the tech.

Benefits of Edge Computing in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is a place where even a millisecond holds its own value. In this type of critical yet detailed sector, it becomes really important to make your product fast and extremely reliable. 

In the previous section, the meaning reducing the gap between storage server and you was that due to the shorter distance between you and your server, it takes much less time to carry out the processing. This improves the gaming experience and lowers the chances of any delay to happen in the gameplay. 

How Edge Computing Enhances Quality of Experience

gaming experience

One of the most significant benefits for game development is its ability to enhance players’ quality of experience (QoE). Shortening the distance enables more personalized and interactive gameplay, which can help create a sense of immersion and engagement. Furthermore, this can also optimize content delivery based on network conditions, device capabilities, and user preferences, ensuring that players are always getting the best possible gaming experience. Environment for game development, with better data access speeds, improved security and reliability, and more efficient resource utilization.

Demonstrating How Edge Computing Reduces Latency

reduce latency

Latency is the bane of a gamer’s existence. It refers to the delay between when a player takes an action and when it is executed in the game. High latency can cause everything from missed opportunities to game-breaking bugs. It can help reduce latency by shortening the distance of processing. By doing so, It can help ensure that players get real-time responses, making their gameplay more fluid and responsive.

It usually happens due to the time taken while processing from the server to you or the user. Seeking leverage of this new technology, the risk of any latency that can ruin your experience drops down to a certain extent. Therefore, it is considered a big thing to happen in the gaming industry.

Long intervals will take more time to perform an action taken by you or the gamer. And as a geek, we all know that there is nothing that can go worse than this. It can also help in faster updates and downloads. 

Impact of Edge Computing on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Game Development

We all are able to witness the developments and inventions introduced in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). They are not even fully developed yet and we are already witnessing so many unmatchable events that we have hardly ever thought of. 

However, AI and ML require considerable power, which can cause latency and slow down gameplay. This alternative can help solve this problem by providing the necessary power, enabling more AI and ML-based features without compromising the speed and performance of the game.

With the recent boom of generative AI and ML, You can also assist developers create more immersive worlds by allowing them to generate content on the fly. For example, AI-generated levels or content can be developed using this technique to ensure players never get bored with their game.

Working and experimenting with new concepts are the qualities that we have to learn from modders. There is no limit to the innovation and ideas that a human mind can generate by itself. Likewise, Edge is another tool that can be used by developers or coders from around the globe to craft an immersive and unbeatable gaming experience.

Now all dialogues in NPCs must be believable and dynamic; developers can easily achieve this by combining unparalleled power with real-time data. This way, the NPCs will interact differently based on behavior and preferences, creating an immersive experience that players won’t soon forget. 

You can look at it this way, right now, some games and their NPCs are very generic in nature, but with AI, their speech and behavior can become more personalized and authentic, providing an experience that is unparalleled by what we have seen so far.

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