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Updated on : November 8, 2022

Holidays After a Divorce: How to Prepare and Survive

Your marriage failure is not the best inspiration for the holiday time but is not the reason not to get festive at all, too. Combining holidays and divorce may be a serious challenge. Still, you shouldn’t skip any festivities because your life is undergoing serious changes. Celebrate because your life is going on. Do it for your kids and yourself. But mind preparing well to manage the holidays with pleasure. 

Focus on the Holidays

No matter whether the divorce is on the horizon, you are in the middle of the case, or you have just finalized the breakup when the holidays come, you should slip into the respective mode. You can find another opportunity to browse how to file for divorce in NM, settle the parental plan, or spy on your ex on social media. Holidays are there for you to get ready thoroughly and celebrate together with your family and friends no matter the surrounding issues. 

Prioritize the Kids’ Needs

If you cannot find your holiday mood, gather power, and inspiration, you should focus on your kids’ needs. Your children crave the festive time and environment even more than you do. This means you have to put in maximum effort to meet your children’s expectations about the upcoming holidays. Stick to the usual traditions and invent new ones to adjust to the situation. Be ready to include your former spouse in your festive schedule. Enjoying the holidays is easier when your kids are happy.

Plan Well but Be Flexible

Getting organized and preparing well is the key to the success of any holiday, especially for a divorcee. You already have enough stress in your life related to your family troubles. So, thorough preparation aims to make your holidays as relaxing and pleasant as possible. 

Set a clear plan filled with activities both for you and your kids. Adjust co-parenting schedule. Let your ex be involved in at least a part of your celebrations to bring your kids the feeling of family happiness.

Yet, don’t stick to your plans too much. There will be things not going along with your preparations for sure. Take them patiently and be flexible enough to turn any accidents or flaws into your benefits. 

Focus on Positive Things

Your private life is ruined. Your family has fallen apart. Your relatives and friends are torturing you with their advice. And holidays seem to highlight all the amassing troubles. 

But you only have to look at the other side of the things happening around you. Focus on the positive points only. Enjoy the holiday time as you used to do earlier. Be happy just because your kids are happy to have the holidays you managed to organize for them. Get pleasure from doing simple things, such as decorating a Christmas tree with your children, having a walk with your friend on your day off, preparing your favorite festive food, attending holiday events, etc. Don’t wait for some special things to happen to cheer you up during the holidays, but enjoy every single moment yourself and you will feel better eventually. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t aim to prove anything to anyone by organizing perfect holidays. Don’t strive to be a perfect mother, host, or woman during festivities. It will only bring you extra pain and disappointment. 

Instead, be kind to yourself. Treat your own failures with patience. Get a possibility to relax. Be open-minded and tolerant of your own actions, words, and feelings. Enjoy the things happening around you as they are but not only after you try to improve them in all possible ways. 

Don’t Stay Alone

Despite the strong desire to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and spend the holidays on your own, this is the last thing for you to do. The holidays may be the toughest period for you to live through. When families come together to celebrate and the love is in the air, your wound of ruined relationships may hurt the most. And if you decide to be on your own and suffer witnessing how cheerful and satisfied everyone around is, this may bring you only more pain and lead you to depression and other mental and physical health disorders as a result. 

So, your task is to mute your reluctance, laziness, and other negative feelings and get to spend the best holidays of your life together with your friends and family who still love and care about you. And if you learn to treasure the things you have and the moment you live here and now, your holidays will be truly the best and help you to recover after divorce easier

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