Hitmasters MOD APK 1.11.2 (Unlimited Money) Latest Download

Updated on : August 23, 2023

Hitmasters MOD APK 1.11.2 (Unlimited Money) Latest Download

Hitmasters MOD APK 1.18.3 (Unlimited Money) Latest Download

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Hitmasters (MOD, Unlimited Money) – A physical puzzle with a detective in which you will have the opportunity to test your strength as a secret agent. As always, you have to start with simple tasks and missions whose main goal is to destroy enemies, while the success of the passing will depend on each step, so you’ll have to scratch your brain.

Hitmasters MOD APK 1.18.3 (Unlimited Money) Latest Download

They have a series of famous games such as Kick the Buddy, Polysphere, or Bouncemasters. Most of them, built with unique gameplay and creative content, have easily attracted millions of players in a short period of time. Hitmasters is no exception. Although the project was released less than three months ago, it has reached over 1,000,000 installs from Google Play. Do you want to download this game to your phone?

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The gameplay is simple, with lots of entertainment features

Starting the game, you will go through the tutorial, although the gameplay is not very difficult to understand. You just need to touch and hold on the right side of the screen, then drag in different directions to aim the target, and finally let go with your finger to make the shot. Overview, a level will consist of walls, obstacles, and bad people. Your task is to destroy them with the default supplied gun and some bullets. At first glance, it looks simple enough to win. But you will soon find that if you do not know how to use a barrel, iron ball, or bomb, you will have to play again and again. Also, after 10 or 20 levels, the boss will appear. They are harder to change position than usual and frequent after each bullet.

But also very violent

I want to mention this because the manner of killing in this game is quite violent with many different trends. You must know to decide whether to expose it to children, even if the developer has labeled 3+. Here, there are bombs, iron spikes, iron spheres, and acid pits. When bad people are hurt by them, blood will come out and body parts will be cut off.


Plates or any wooden object can be broken by a bullet, bomb, or any other object made of iron. TNT bombs, gas tanks, or explosives can explode when they hit an object. In addition, the affected area is large enough to even kill the bad guys standing on the front wall.


Hitmasters has four modes for you, including Shotgun, Gravity, Ricoshe, and Toxic. The general mechanism is that you only have a certain number of shots per battle and the ultimate goal is to kill all enemies. In terms of difference, Gravity uses a gravity gun to suck objects to throw at enemies, rather than using traditional bullets in shotgun mode.

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The skin

Pleasantry knows how to color their game. Hitmasters are not out of that. You can get new characters when you successfully complete certain levels or defeat the boss. The weapons here are only symbolic, with no stats, no special skills. They only have different sizes and color effects. I think it’s rational because accuracy and observation are the things that bring victory.

The graphics

Hitmasters have the same graphic style as Baumasters and Bouncemasters. There seems to have been no change, but the style and expression of most of the characters have been more unique. The main character will be very funny when he goes through a level and is blushing when the opponent laughs at him. In terms of performance, it is optimized and you can easily experience it even on weakly configured devices.

Hitmasters Mod Apk File Information:

App NameHitmasters mod apk
File Size363 MB
Latest Version1.18.3
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesUnlimited Money

Hitmasters Mod Apk Features:

  • Simple Control – When we say simple, it is really simple. You just hold the screen and release your fingers to shoot where you want to shoot. It is easy, yet you need to pay attention to the safety measures of your pills otherwise it will be ruined. You also need to keep in mind that you cannot move your character here freely, so you have to be precise and creative when taking shots. And as you proceed with the game, you will be presented with challenges that will have more enemies and obstacles that will hinder you.
  • Challenging Levels and Bosses – In addition to the already challenging levels, you’ll have to fight the cleared bosses every 10 levels. Although it looks like normal bosses, these people have more HP so have more trouble to deal with. If this does not amaze you, it is worth noting that your boss will have even more difficult obstacles at the top.

Hitmasters MOD APK Gameplay Screenshots:

Hitmasters MOD APK
Hitmasters MOD APK
Hitmasters MOD APK
Hitmasters MOD APK

Hitmasters MOD APK Download

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