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Updated on : February 20, 2023

dhaka casino

A Guide to Play Slots Games in Dhaka Online Casinos

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Slots in Dhaka

Everyone knows that slots are one of the most popular games worldwide. If you look at online casino profits, around 65-75% of them are slot machines. 

Slots is a very simple pastime that even a beginner will understand. Since this industry is growing day by day, there are plenty of new players. To start playing poker, blackjack, and baccarat you need to understand the rules and analyze the strategies and only then after some time, you can finally win. There are no such conditions for slots. Winning real money here is possible from the start in gambling. 

Can You Cheat at Slot Machines?

The answer to this question is short and simple – No. Do not try to cheat the system. It will lead to bad consequences. The administration and the online casino and the traditional casino closely monitor all attempts to cheat. If you try to cheat you will be blocked forever and will no longer be able to try your luck at the slots and win real money. 

To win there are a few simple rules. They will help you stay fresh and clear-headed at all times and increase your chances of winning. 

Always Keep an Eye on the Time

Some people are used to the idea that the more time you play slots. The more money you have to make, the better your chances are. But that’s exactly not true. 

You can play for a few hours and that will be successful, but if it suddenly comes losing time. Then it’s worth a pause.

All slots use a random number generator, which will generate a combination of variables. Your winnings will depend on it. If you realize you’re losing money time after time. You should take a break for at least an hour. This will help you put your mind in order, rest, and monitor the process carefully. During this time the generator will make a few more cycles, and probably unlucky numbers for you will go away for a long time.

Play for Free Money

Never bet with the last of the money you have. That way you will always aim to win them back. But that’s not the right way to play the game. You should never wager about losing money it will lead to a big waste of both money and time. 

If you play with free money, you will have fun and you will not think about losing. Yes, it will be annoying to walk away with an empty wallet, but you won’t have to think about the fact that you no longer have any money to live on because of the slots. 

It’s worth setting the maximum amount that you can spend on the game. That way, you won’t have to spend too much. For example, you bet $50 on one slot and $25 on the other. The total amount of play in these slots should not be more than $ 75. 

Some people prefer to make several small bets in order to increase their chances of winning. Count how many times you would like to spin the reel and how much you can spend on each round. 

Play in Maximum Comfort

This goes for the choice of casino and the space around you. It’s best to have a private room where you can concentrate without being disturbed. The same goes for choosing an online casino. For example, many people choose the Best online Betvisa casino in Bangladesh. It gives you not only a great selection of slots but also a lot of bonuses that will increase your chances of winning. 

Choosing Slots the Right Way

In order to keep costs to a minimum, it pays to choose your slots carefully. Experienced players are advised to choose slot machines with high returns. For example, if the RTP is 97 percent if you bet $ 100 you can return 97 of them to yourself. Information about the payout can be found when choosing a slot for the pastime. 

Strategies for Playing Slots

If you are opting to play slots using strategy, then you are right on track. It will increase your winnings by several times. If you still don’t know which casino to choose, then Betvisa is the one to consider. Many Dhaka residents choose it because of its great interface, a large selection of games, fast deposit methods, and winnings. 

Martingale Strategy

Probably all experienced gamblers know about this strategy. Its essence is that if you lose in one round, it is worth increasing your bet in another. It is known by the experience of rotation of the drum, that losing in the future increases the chance of a winning combination. So you can win back the money you lost earlier. Because you know that the next spin will be profitable for you. But note that this strategy requires a large number of spins. 

The Pyramid System

In this case, you do not raise bets in the event of a loss. And you do it gradually. With each round, your bets go up progressively arithmetically. And then they begin to decrease for your first bet. For instance, if you can bet 4 coins, your betting order would be 1-2-3-4-3-2-1. 

High-low strategy 

This strategy is used for slots that offer a progressive jackpot. It is a bit like the previous sequence. But here you are advised to take alternating high and low bets. 

Parlay Strategy

This is the exact opposite of the Martingale strategy. Here you make your bet twice as small after you have lost. But there is a big disadvantage here – your bet can turn out to be winning just when you have deposited a very small amount of money. 

One Bet in a Day

To use this strategy it is recommended to use a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. Then your chances of making a large sum of money increase. You do not spend a lot of money and time on a large number of spins and do not stay in a big loss. Make just one bet, it’s likely to turn out to be a winning one. 


Although slot machines have been in existence for centuries. Experienced players in both traditional casinos and on the internet have still not come to a consensus on which strategy works 100 percent. None of them can guarantee you a win in any case. Since all combinations are generated using a random number generator, nobody can influence it, even the operator of online casinos. That is, your victory depends only on your luck. 

It is recommended not to consider slot machines as a way to make money, it is better to go to them as a way to have fun, in addition to which you will earn real money. Use only verified online casinos to avoid being scammed. Betvisa casino has passed numerous checks and has an official license, which ensures that players are protected from scammers.

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