global appeal of indian esports

Updated on : February 29, 2024

global appeal of indian esports

The Global Appeal of Indian Esports: International Competitions and Success Stories

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India, known for its diverse cultural legacy, has evolved its entertainment sector. With the growth of technology, this transition has been especially noticeable. The digital technology’s accessibility made online entertainment popular among India’s diverse population. 

In recent years, India’s esports landscape has transformed. Their transformation has caught the attention of the global gaming community. It’s a testament to the country’s rapid emergence as a worldwide powerhouse in gaming. As international competitions feature Indian players, they’re gaining recognition worldwide.

This article delves into India’s global esports prominence by highlighting international tournaments. It also showcases success stories that exemplify India’s excellence in competitive gaming.

India’s Gaming Industry

Gaming market

Mobile gaming has been indispensable in driving India’s gaming industry forward. The gaming platforms have expanded the availability of games to a broader audience. This change has affected sectors such as entertainment, education, and technology.

The widespread use of mobile devices has also affected the sports betting industry. Indians can now access a variety of betting sites thanks to internet availability. As more sports fans go online, more voices for online betting recommendation become necessary. Players may place more informed bets on their favourite events using these recommendations.

According to, India’s smartphone user base will surpass one billion by 2024 and continue to grow. Similarly, online sports betting consumers may reach 0.9% in 2024 and climb to 1.2% in 2027. Its revenue is also expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.79% from 2024-2027.

India’s International Esports Presence

Esports has become a global phenomenon, reshaping traditional sports in various ways. India has made its mark on the international Esports scene with notable achievements. India won bronze in DOTA 2 at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. They also won a medal in Hearthstone at the 2018 Asian Games, where Esports was a demonstration event.

Esports became recognized as a multi-sport event. Its reputation improved when the government modified the Information and Technology Act. This points out that it’s not the same as online gaming.

In 2022, the Indian government officially recognized eSports as a part of multi-sports events

Mr Lokesh Suji is the Director of the Esports Federation of India and VP of the Asian Esports Federation. He discussed how Esports has evolved from a hobby to a recognized sport.

More talented athletes are vying for medals in this year’s Asian Games. Esports joining the Asian Games in 2026 will raise public awareness about its significance. 

The acknowledgment of esports has made it more popular and accepted. It has also created a solid starting point for aspiring gamers to consider it a viable career choice. With this, enthusiasts now have a tangible pathway to follow their passion.

As esports continues to grow, it’s adapting and incorporating technologies advancements in gaming. These include artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and Web3 gaming. 

Esports tournaments are now held in large stadiums. Some educational institutions now offer esports programs. Some states are even establishing their own esports academies. The future of video gaming in India is full of exciting possibilities.

Success Stories That Inspire

Indian E-sports Landscape

India is a vibrant and rich country with diverse traditions and religions. Despite the prevalence of poverty in India, the success of PUBG Mobile is remarkable. Within a year, PUBG Mobile became popular, even reaching the remote parts of the country.

Indian players have made their mark in esports. Their local and international journeys serve as inspiring stories for gamers.

The easy access to smartphones and the internet has boosted esports in India. This surge fosters a new generation of gaming talents shaping the industry.

TSM FTX Jonathan: One such standout player is Jonathan Amaral, known as TSM FTX Jonathan. He is a prominent PUBG Mobile player affiliated with Team SoloMid (TSM), an esports organization. His skills and dedication earned him a place in the PUBG Mobile, where he represents India.

Jonathan was also recognized as the fourth-highest number of kills at the tournament. He’s famous for his precise gameplay, which is vital to ETG’s global success. With immense potential, people expect his upcoming performances as he continues to excel.

Entity Ghatak: Another figure in Indian esports is Abhijeet Andhare, known as Ghatak. He served as a coach for Team Entity Gaming and played a major role in shaping the esports ecosystem in India. Not only is he a coach, but he is also an advocate for the development of esports in the country.

Ghatak’s gaming skills have been in titles like PUBG BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). His contributions in gaming led to the organisation of efficient tournaments in India. His journey began in PUBG, and he became part of Team Entity, one of India’s most renowned esports teams. He is also a coach and mentor for another prominent esports team.


As esports in India grows, the country is on the verge of achieving tremendous global success. Potential investments and the gamers’ passion are driving the esports industry forward. Indian esports’ recognition worldwide has motivated more gamers to pursue their dreams.

India’s ascent in esports is now a global triumph. Talented individuals have emerged, establishing India’s presence in the worldwide esports arena. As the ecosystem develops further, more Indian talents are bound to shine.

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