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Updated on : June 16, 2023

gifts for gamer

11 Gifts for Gamers They’ll Actually Want

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Gamers might simultaneously be the easiest and hardest people to buy gifts for. Sure, there are lots of cool games they’re probably excited about — but they may very well have gone out and bought those on their own already! On top of that, the world of gaming can be hard to understand for those who aren’t already immersed in it. 

So, when you’re shopping for a gamer, how can you choose a gift that they’re sure to actually enjoy? Check out our guide to 11 of the best gifts for gamers and find something that will tickle their digital fancy. 

Gaming Headset

Immersive audio is a great upgrade to anybody’s gaming audio experience, which is why high-quality gaming headsets are such a popular gift for gamers! For starters, headsets are essential for team chat in multiplayer gaming, but they can also make a huge difference in enjoying the sophisticated audio production of today’s most popular games. Some of the best gaming headset models even offer noise-canceling technology that will make your gamer even more oblivious to the world — which, of course, is exactly what they probably want. 

Mobile Game Controller

Mobile gaming is bigger than ever, but effectively controlling a complex game on an iPhone screen can still be a tricky proposition. Enter the new wave of mobile game controller peripherals! These clever devices use a cradle-type design to connect to your phone and provide joystick-style controls that many gamers find more comfortable and functional. They come in a variety of designs — from a full gamepad controller to a “split” controller that attaches to either side of the phone. 

Sleeved Blanket

Sleeved blankets (of which the famous Snuggie is now just one among many) might be the ultimate solution for comfy-cozy gaming in colder weather. They leave a gamer’s arms and hands free for the controller or keyboard, but still, provide full body coverage to make sure they’re never in less than total comfort. Most are reasonably priced, considering the next-level luxury they provide, and naturally, they’re available in tons of different patterns and designs. 

Online Gaming Membership

Anyone who wants to enjoy online console gaming needs a subscription to Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online. If you want a truly can’t-miss gift that you can buy in a few minutes, a year’s subscription to one of these services is always welcome for gamers. Gift certificates for game streaming services like Xbox Game Pass are also pretty much a slam dunk. They provide access to near-infinite libraries of gaming titles, so it’s like gifting them hundreds of games at once! 

Bias Lighting Strip

Bias lighting is a clever way to instantly upgrade the lighting and picture quality of a gamer’s LED TV. This simple light strip mounts to the back of a TV and provides a gentle halo of light that many gamers say markedly improves the contrast of what’s on screen, as well as potentially reducing eye strain. Plus, of course, there’s the ever-popular option of chromatic RGB lighting available if they want to keep the gamer aesthetic consistent. 

Streaming Kit

More and more gamers are streaming their sessions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and a streaming kit offers a convenient way to do it right. While kits vary, most include a high-quality webcam, microphone, and (potentially) a ring light. This is a great gift for any gamer who’s been muddling along with a subpar streaming setup, or who’s curious about the fascinating and diverse world of game streaming. 

Lastly, we are all very aware of the fact that how much high-speed matters for gamers, it’s the most fundamental of all. So, if your beloved gamer is struggling with their existing internet service provider and experiencing speed issues, acquainting him/her with Spectrum Internet Packages would be a wonderful affair. The respective internet service provider is a renowned name recommended by seasoned gamers for a high-speed internet connection and a buttery service.

Art Book

Many popular game franchises now offer coffee table-style art books that give enthusiasts a new way to immerse themselves in the game’s world. These books are packed full of eye-candy illustrations that showcase the game’s character, location, and item designs, often alongside insightful commentary from the original artists. This season’s hottest ticket might be the Elden Ring art books, but lots of different franchises now have them, so check to see if there’s one based on your favorite gamer’s obsessions. 

Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Excessive blue light from screens can be a problem for gamers, potentially even affecting their sleep cycles. That’s why a lot of gamers are now rocking a pair of blue light blocking glasses! Although scientists disagree about how well they work, blue light blockers definitely won’t hurt, and they’re available in such a wide array of designs that you’ll almost certainly find something that fits your recipient’s style. 

Neck Pillow

Have you ever watched this person gaming in a strange position and thought “Geez, they’re going to be in pain later”? Offer them some sweet relief from a high-quality neck pillow because these aren’t just for travelers anymore! Many styles of gaming-oriented pillows are available, from those intended to be mounted on a gaming chair to more flexible versions for curling up on the couch with a gaming laptop or console controller.

Snack Box

We’re sure there are gamers out there who don’t like snacks while they’re gaming, but we haven’t met many of them. That’s why snack boxes, packed to the brim with sweet treats and savory delights, are a great choice for gamer gifts! Now, you can even get specific gaming-oriented snack boxes, with gamer-friendly inclusions like caffeinated concoctions and even some cool occasional gaming swag. Many are also offered as subscription services, so the recipient can enjoy month after month of top-tier gaming snacks. 

Gaming Cookbook 

Know a gamer with a taste for the slightly (one might even say deliciously) offbeat? Believe it or not, you can now order cookbooks inspired by popular gaming franchises from The Elder Scrolls to Pokémon to Overwatch. Your gift recipient will come for the gaming tie-in but stay for the delicious results. And these are legit cookbooks authored by professional chefs, so you can relax when they tell you their Thanksgiving menu is inspired by Tomb Raider.

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