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Updated on : October 10, 2022

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Free Fire Pro Account ID and Password (Latest Edition)

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Hey! Have you lost your Free Fire account along with all the achievements you have earned diligently or do you wish to experience the benefits of a pro player account? 

Then, today’s article is meant for you! 

As in today’s article, we are giving out Garena Free Fire pro player account IDs and passwords, using it you can log in to the FF pro player account.

So, let’s get started

What is Free Fire ID?

Free Fire ID

“When a player creates an account in Garena Free Fire, a 12-digit unique number will be provided to each player, and that respective number is termed as Free Fire ID.”

  • It is like your driver’s license. 
  • The Free Fire ID is required to access and play Free Fire. 
  • It aids in identifying the player in the game. Without creating a Free Fire ID, players can’t make in-game purchases or participate in in-game events. 
  • Want to know where you can see your Free Fire ID? Then, the next section is especially for you.

How to See Free Fire ID?

Free Fire players can easily check their Free Fire ID in no time and in that, and the below cited mere steps will assist them.

So, let’s see how you can see your Free Fire ID easily.

  • Begin with launching the Garena Free Fire application on your respective device.
launch free fire
  • Next, click on the “Profile banner” which you will see in the top-left corner of the main menu.
Profile Banner
  • After clicking on the profile banner, the player’s profile will appear.
Player Profile
  • Finally, you will be able to see your 12- digit unique Free Fire ID beneath your username.
Free Fire ID

See! That’s how you can find your Free Fire ID and if you wish to copy your unique FF ID, all you have to do is simply click on the “Copy” button located next to it. 

You can use your Free Fire ID to redeem codes, add friends, and top-up websites.

Free Fire Pro ID Rewards 

“With Free Fire Pro ID comes Pro Rewards” 

Once you have logged into the Free Fire Pro ID, you can enjoy the taste of many rewards. These rewards consist of an abundance of diamonds, exclusive bundles, event tickets, name cards, and much more.

Using these rewards, you can buy in-game items, character skins, Gun skins, character accessories, and more.

Pretty exciting? Right!

Apart from this, you can also earn rewards such as diamonds, exclusive skins, and characters through Free Fire Advance Server.

 Let’s know more about the rewards that you can take advantage of once you are logged into Free Fire Pro player ID.

Free Fire Diamonds 

Free Fire Diamonds
  • Once you are logged into Free Fire pro player ID, you will get 10,000 diamonds that you can use for in-game purchases such as buying out new characters skins, items, etc.

Exclusive Goodies 

  • With a Free Fire Pro ID, you will be able to enjoy exclusive bundles that are not available for routine players.  
Free Fire Gun Skins
  • This exclusive Free Fire bundle includes Free Fire Skins such as Aqua scar, Vampire Famas, Venom M4A1, Evil Pumpkin, etc., and characters like DJ ALOK in this as well as game emotes.
DJ Alok Free Fire Character

Multiple Name Cards

Free Fire Name Card

Being an FF pro player ID owner, you also get multiple game cards through which you can change your Free Fire profile name as per your wish.

VIP Status

VIP Status
  • What could be more engrossing when you can access exclusive features and enjoy in-game benefits prior to anyone?
  • Free Fire Pro ID will let you enjoy all the in-game features and benefits exclusively as well as you will get VIP status.

Event Tickets

Free Fire Event Ticket
  • You can also grab the opportunity to win rare items by using event tickets to participate in special events hosted by Garena Free Fire.

So, these are the rewards that you can enjoy with a Free Fire pro account.

Now, the time has come to navigate to the main highlight of today’s article which is how you can access the Free Fire pro player account.

Free Fire ID and Password (Pro Accounts)

720196423 FixedMantis55@
826375886 BeWithBull33#22

Free Fire Facebook ID and Password Free 2022

As we promised in the beginning, here are the Free Fire pro account  Facebook IDs and password hack. Using these credentials, you can access FF pro ID’s

Free Fire Pro Account IDs (Gmail Login)

Below are the Gmail login IDs through which you can log into FF professional accounts.

Pakshi_Shroff_82@gmail.comP@ShRoFf82 Payel@66

Recover Suspended Free Fire Account

Free Fire Account Suspended

Lost your Free Fire account due to Free Fire Login Tricks? Here are the steps you can execute to retrieve your Free Fire account if your Free Fire Account has been suspended due to the Free Fire Login tricks.

  • To recover your suspended FF account, initiate by heading to the official Garena Free Fire website.
  • Once you have landed on the Free Fire official website, all you have to do is navigate to the “Contact Support Page.”
  • Next, hit on the “Email Us Now” option in order to contact customer service.
  • Lastly, the most significant step comes! In this step, you have to illustrate your issue and state coherent reasons why your respective account should be reinstated.

So, these are the steps that will assist you in recovering your Free Fire suspended account due to the login trick!

Helpful tips: Keep your finger crossed prior to using these steps. 

Our Take on Who is a Free Fire Pro Player? 

Per our conscience, a pro player is someone who is aware of each dimension of the game and mastered every skill to survive in a battle royale game. 

Here are some Characteristics, you will find in Free Fire Pro Players:

  • They are very well acquainted with the mechanics of the game including the smallest details. For instance: guns reload time, firing rates, certain locations in the maps, terrain details, building structures, etc.
  • They have great communication and understanding with their team.
  • They strategize the current scenario and then execute.
  • They do not try to rush in every fight.
  • They identify their weakness and find out where they are lacking.
  • They participate in tournaments and scrims to polish and master their skills.

To Sum Up 

In this article, you have come across a Free Fire Pro ID and password through which you can access pro players’ accounts for free and enjoy exclusive features and rewards such as diamonds, skins, characters, etc.

If you have lost your Free Fire account and didn’t want to start from the beginning or simply want to experience FF pro account benefits, above mentioned IDs will be your solution.

Just keep in mind that, you will find some FF IDs working and some not, so ponder much. As well as when the Fire Fire system can also ban the account if the system discovers that the same details are being used on different devices. 

And, lastly, it is advised not to install any third-party app or ID generator in order to get Garena Free Fire Pro ID and password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently Asked Questions centering on Free Fire Pro ID and password.

ANS: No, there are not any FF ID generators in our consciousness.

And, If you find any website or app claiming an FF ID generator, it is advised not to trust them, with this their only motive is to scam you.

ANS: You can discover some good Free Fire IDs by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Begin with launching  Free Fire App.
  • Next,  you are required to click on “Friends.”
  • Now, you have to tap on the “Input Nickname”.
  • Lastly, hit on the “Search Icon” and easily search for any ID as per your desire.

You can also join Discord, Telegram, Facebook groups, and gaming forums to get FF pro player IDs.

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