Headshot in free fire

Updated on : May 15, 2023

Headshot in free fire

Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod Apk 2023 Download (Auto-headshot, Aim-Bot, Unlimited Health, and More)

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NameFree Fire Headshot Mod Apk
PublisherGarena International
File Size 354 MB
Version V2.93.2
Android VersionAndroid V4.4 and Above 
Mod feature Auto-Headshot, Aim-Bot, Drone View, Unlimited Skins & Health, and more.
Category Games
Price Free 

Want to experience a completely different Free Fire in which no one can stand before you and beat your magnificence?

A version where your headshots wouldn’t miss, and you can access a range of skins for completely free?

If yes, let us introduce you to Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod Apk!

Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod Apk

free fire

“Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod apk is a modified or tweaked version of the original game with new and exciting features.”

  • The mod version enables you to access premium content of the game for free, including tons of alluring features for starters, Auto-headshot, Aim-Bot, Drone view, etc.
  • With FF Headshot mod apk, you can relish the abundance of resources ( diamonds, money weapons, attires, skins, etc.).

So, that’s a quick overview of Free Fire Headshot hack mod apk, but that’s not the end of the tale as in the upcoming section, we will be glancing at the mod features of the respective game.

Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod Apk Features 

As stated above, Free Fire Headshot mod apk is a tweaked version of the original game; various splendid and alluring features drive it to uplift the overall gameplay.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump on the fascinating features it offers to FF enthusiasts, and if you are wondering how you can earn Free Fire V badge? Here you can get it!


  • Who doesn’t love the feeling of a perfect headshot? We all know how rare it happens unless you are a professional, but with the FF mod apk, the word rare has converted into frequent.
  • With a new and fascinating feature called Auto-Headshot, you can eliminate your opponent easily as it aims straight at the enemy’s head.

Undoubtedly, the Auto-headshot feature is one of the notable features of Free Fire hack mod apk platters. 


  • Another exponential feature of the FF Headshot hack mod apk that helps you to relish the game is Aim-Bot. Aim-Bot makes it easy to hit the opponent by calculating the trajectory of the player’s shot and letting weapons automatically aim at the target.
  • It also allows you to aim and shoot in any direction while moving backward or forward.

Drone View 

Drone View
  • The new drone view feature with the FF headshot mod apk provides an enthralling gaming experience. 
  • The respective feature gives an immersive drone view of the in-game surroundings that will surely sparkle your eye. 

Limitless Health

Unlimited Health
  • With the Headshot hack app’s unlimited health feature, you can enjoy the battle royale game without worrying about your player’s health. 
  • Not only does it help you attain the most of the game but provides an extra edge over your opponents.

Abundance of Ammo

Unlimited Ammo
  • In battle royale, reloading time plays a very crucial role and decides your fate in the game, but what if we tell you that now you don’t have to ponder about reloading your weapon?
  • Yes, you are guessing it right! The mod version of the game rewards you with the power of unlimited ammo. All you have to do is hold the fire button to trigger the abundance of bullets at your opponent. With this bewitching feature, your opponents will undoubtedly get chills.

Leap and Bound Firing 

Rapid Firing
  • What could be more alluring along with unlimited ammo? You can fire up to 60 bullets in less than 3 seconds? Crazy! Right?
  • With the Free Fire hack headshot mod version, you will be able to fire a round of 60 bullets in less than 3 seconds and eliminate your opponent within mere seconds, even if your opponent is carrying a fully charged gun.

HD Visuals

HD Visuals
  • The tweaked version also incorporates an HD mod that enriches your gameplay with a fast and smooth refresh rate. 
  • With the integration of this HD mod, you will be able to see the minute details of your in-game surroundings as well as the outcome of your shots at the moment.

Unlimited Skins 

Free Fire Skins
  • Apart from its amazing graphics and competitive gameplay, Free Fire skins is a hot topic of discussion amongst the FF community. We all Free Fire fanatics are in awe of its cool and funky outfits and have a dream to try them all out.
  • Congratulations as your fantasy has taken the shape of reality. With the FF headshot hacked mod apk, you will be able to lay your hands on a plethora of skins for free.

So, these are some new and exciting mod features that elevate the gameplay and make Free Fire more engrossing and engaging.

And, in the forthcoming section, we will take a glance at the pros and cons of the respective mod apk and find out if the game has the potential to be in your game gallery.

Pros and Cons of Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod Apk

Pros and Cons of Free Fire Headshot

As we have mentioned above, here are the pros and cons of the FF mod apk that will provide you a better insight into the mod version.

Pros Cons 
Premium unlocked (Weapons, Skins, Accessories, Outfits, etc).Highly Addictive.
100% Safe to Play.Randomly Crashes. 
New and Exciting features such as (Auto-headshot, Aim-Bot, Drone View, etc.)Unstable on low-end devices.
Unlimited Resources (Money & Diamonds).File Size
HD visuals and Fast Refresh Rate.————————
Fake Username Option————————

Download and Install Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod Apk 

Free Fire Max

Downloading and installing Free Fire Max headshot hack apk is an easy ride. With a single tap, you will be able to download the tweaked version from Games1Tech in no time.

So, without any ado, let’s proceed towards the steps to download and install the FF Headshot hack mod apk.

Steps to Download and Install Free Fire Headshot hack Mod Apk

  • To download and install Free Fire Headshot hack mod apk, initiate by pressing the blue button titled “Download Mod Apk”.
  • Once you have hit the respective button, you will see that your download has started.
  • Next, tap on the downloaded file and tap again on the “Install” button.
  • After installing the respective app, simply tap on  “Open” to launch the respective mod apk.

Toutes Nos félicitations! You have successfully downloaded and installed Free Fire Headshot hack mod apk on your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


In this section, we have picked some frequently asked questions by the users regarding the Free Fire Headshot mod apk.

Ans: Yes, downloading the Free Fire Headshot hack mod apk is absolutely free from the ocean of mod apks, Games1Tech.

Ans: Yes, Free Fire Headshot mod apk is 100% legitimate and safe to play albeit it is advised to take cognizance before giving any kind of permission.

Ans: You can play Free Fire hack headshot apk on your device, simply by downloading the respective game from our site. All the buttons, controls, and functionalities are the same as in the original version of the game.

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