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Updated on : December 20, 2022

barrel on google

What is “Google Do a Barrel Roll” & How You Can Do x200 Roll

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As a search engine, Google does everything it can, to provide us with the best of what we ask. In addition to its database, Google also helps to entertain us with multiple minigames and easter eggs of popular cultures. 

A feature you should be aware of is that you can make your screen do a barrel roll from just a search. This has been around for a long time and it has been a great stress buster for many people. 

You can even make google do a barrel roll 200 times if you want. This presents an opportunity to do something which you didn’t know of and comes off as an amazing trick that you can show to others.

Below you can find more about what this feature is, what it does, and how you can make Google do a barrel roll 10 times.

What is Google Do A Barrel Roll?

barrel roll

A Barrel roll is a popular term that signifies an object making a 360 degrees turn. As this term became more popular and ended up being an Internet slang that people would include in memes and in comment sections, Google decided to jump in as well and allowed users to make Google do a barrel roll. 

This feature makes the Google screen rotate and do a 360 degrees spin like a barrel rolling down a hill. Users can decide how many times the screen will rotate and then enjoy.

Other well-known features are “Google underwater search”, “Google gravity”, “Google Mirror” and even a remastered version of the popular snakes game. 

You’re free to try out all the Google easter eggs but before that, you should learn how to make Google do a barrel roll 20 times. 

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How To Make Google Do A Barrel Roll 200 Times? 

To do a barrel roll x200 times you only need to put up a search term and then you can witness the amazing animation.

  1. Go to 
type wwwgooglecom
  1. Type “do a barrel roll” Into The Search Bar
barrel roll

That’s all you need to do as this will make the screen rotate, but there’s still more.

google does a barrel roll 10 times
  1. Type “do a barrel roll 200 times” 

You’ll notice that putting a number after the command like “do a barrel roll x200” will not result in any animation. But you can easily make that happen after clicking on the first link.

do a barrel roll 200 times
  1. Try out other options 
do a barrel roll 20 times

It all depends on you as you can even make Google do a barrel roll 1000 times.

What Is

google mirror is the official site for Google’s easter eggs. Also being the mirror image of Google, hosts multiple easter eggs, animations, games, and also a guitar which you can play.

With multiple arcade games available you can spend a lot of time on this website and also show your friends what it offers. 

Overall this is an entertaining feature that you can show to others and pass your time with. Make sure to try out other easter eggs like starting the bat signal to summon Batman or typing Joey Tribbiani and touching his pizza only to hear “joey doesn’t share food”.


Ans: A while ago users were able to rotate their screens by double pressing zz and rr to rotate left & right, but this feature was removed as it was not needed.

Ans: All you need to do is write “do a barrel roll” in the address bar and your screen will rotate. By clicking on the first link which will be, you can enter a higher rotation amount like “do a barrel roll 10 times” and more.

Ans: It won’t take more than 5 seconds for Google to do a barrel roll, but ultimately it will depend on the number of times you have instructed to do a barrel roll.

Ans: Google has inserted multiple hidden features, games and inside jokes of popular culture on the internet, these are called Easter eggs. A popular easter egg is Thanos’s gauntlet which will remove 50% of the content on the page.

Ans: Google has updated this feature, now you need to type “do a barrel roll 20 times” and the screen will rotate when you will click on the first link.

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