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Updated on : June 29, 2023

online slots

The Different Types of Online Slot Games: Exploring the Variety

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Slots are one of the most popular options for most casino players. Since they were first introduced, slots have captured the attention of many land-based venues, and their popularity grew with the rise of online gambling.

Slots are simple to play, require no knowledge or strategy, and have big reward potential. For this reason, they are an ideal game for all levels of players – play now at

Are you a newbie and don’t know where to start? Here are the different types of online slot games.

Classic Slots or Three-reel Slots

Classic online slots feature one payline. They are considered the simplest online slot type and are the closest form to the original one-armed bandit. These slots are ideal for players who prefer simplicity over excess.

The simple design of these slots works to the advantage of inexperienced slot gamers. However, these slots offer limited betting options and are preferred by gamers with tighter budgets. The betting range of these games is often set to two or three different coin values.

Five-Reel Slots or Video Slots

The five-reel of video slots are the forerunners of online slots. These are your typical slot machine in a land-based casino but with a video screen instead of mechanical reels. Video slots are an advancement of the classic machine and are one of the most common slots online.

Video slots have gained, with the max number of coins varying between one or more for payline. They also come with five complete reels, although most use a video screen.

Five-reel slots have very attractive graphics, video, and sound to attract all players, new and experienced. The increased paylines also increase your odds of winning than with the three-reel slots.

Multi-Payline Slots

While traditional slots have a single payline at the centre, there are those slots with multiple combinations of paylines. Three-reel slots have several paylines that range between one and nine. But these games allow a max bet of three coins per line.

Slots with multiple paylines come with a maximum bet equal to the number of lines. In five-reel slots, gamers can make between 20 and 25 multiple combinations, with some slots allowing up to 200 lines. The more the paylines you choose, the higher the bet will be and the more the chances to win on each spin.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are one of the most popular slot types. You need a greater investment than when playing a regular slot to have better chances of landing a progressive jackpot.

Progressive slots work by participating in a player’s wager to feed the pot. The jackpot comprises all the bettors who play the game at a specific time. Online casinos connect slots to contribute to a progressive jackpot through a network. That way, they can connect slots from different casinos.

3D Slots

There is no complete online slots list without mentioning the 3D version. These are slots with three-dimensional elements within the game. Most 3D slots are inspired by cinema, pop culture, and video games.


I-slots are the most fun slot type to play here. These games have free spins and a bonus round. Besides the conventional reel slot game, the gameplay of these slots triggers a bonus that offers gamers a mini-game, which multiplies your winnings.

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