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Diablo 4 vs. Diablo 3: Did Blizzard Learn from Its Own Mistakes?

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Diablo is an iconic franchise in the action role-playing game (ARPG) genre. It is known for its gothic, apocalyptic world theme, addictive gameplay, and the build system that has captivated gamers for decades.

However, with every new title, loyal fans can’t help comparing new releases with the last one. Regardless of its release in 2012, Diablo 3 continues to enjoy popularity, but it did receive some criticism from franchise fans.

As the release date for Diablo 4 approaches, this article explores the main aspects of Diablo 3 and the upcoming game, examining whether Blizzard has improved the gaming experience.   

Diablo 3 vs. Diablo 4 

Diablo4 vs Diablo3

Given its popular title 11 years after its release, some aspects of Diablo 3 left fans displeased. The upcoming Diablo 4 release addresses these with key changes to the gaming aspects below.   

Aesthetics The original game featured a dark fantasy world that conveyed an impending apocalypse. Some players thought Diablo 3 strayed from that distinct aesthetic, looking noticeably more colorful than its predecessors. 

Diablo 4 returns to the dark, menacing palette synonymous with the franchise, taking advantage of technological advances to bring sharper and more stylized graphics to the game’s world.  

Loot system 

Apart from combat, one of the most fascinating aspects of playing Diablo is scouring dungeons for powerful gear. In Diablo 3, fans expressed a desire for more diversity, as many items felt generic and failed to enhance character builds. Diablo 4’s loot system addresses this feedback by dropping items with increased variance in rarity and quality.  

Blizzard also continues to do away with the Auction House. If you recall, the Auction House was the contentious feature that allowed players to buy and sell items using real money, undermining the satisfaction of finding rare and powerful loot through gameplay.  

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Diablo 3 had a manic approach to combat, with players encouraged to smash, slash, shoot, and blast as many demons as possible. This inclination to carnage required players to collect the right gear and find the proper spec that dealt the most damage to overwhelm opponents.  

Conversely, Diablo 4 requires a more strategic approach, emphasizing resource management to survive damage and continue killing demons. This is further amplified against bosses, which require players to create a strategy for specific encounters. While the action remains relatively fast-paced, it’s less manic and more cerebral, improving the overall gameplay experience.  

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Skill Progression 

Speaking of leveling, Blizzard implemented changes to Diablo 4’s skill progression, resulting in gameplay with a noticeably different feel from the previous game. 

These include the following improvements: 

  • More choices from an expansive skill tree of active abilities 
  • Modifications and power-ups for those abilities 
  • Passive power boosts 

In Diablo 3, players picked from a selection of active abilities before applying a single modifier. While Diablo 4’s deeper skill system is more challenging to grasp, it’s more rewarding as players can fine-tune character builds to complement their play style perfectly. These changes are in line with Diablo 4’s more thoughtful gameplay.    

Shared Multiplayer World

Diablo 4’s multiplayer mode is one of the most significant changes fans will notice in the new release. The game occurs in an open-world environment, meaning you’ll see other players while exploring the Sanctuary. While you can play solo, the game almost forces players to team up to beat the powerful world bosses. The shared multiplayer dynamic also means you’ll inevitably interact with other players, helping them kill monsters and complete world events.  

While teaming up with other players to accomplish in-game goals brings a fun element to Diablo 4, it requires being online, a significant gripe carried over from Diablo 3.   

Always Online 

While Blizzard appears to have responded positively to feedback regarding aesthetics, items, and skill trees, one area players will have to live with is Diablo 4’s internet connectivity requirements. Regardless of the controversies that plagued Diablo 3, Diablo 4 will always remain online (at least for now), opening it up to similar problems, such as connectivity issues, server downtime, and lags. 

Other potential issues include the following: 

  • Multiplayer events run on timers, subjecting players who don’t make it on time to miss out on loot. 
  • Powerful world bosses (such as Ashava) require large groups of players. Will there be enough players to beat such challenges when server populations inevitably drop? 
  • Players who want their runs to be independent of other players might skip group content.  

It remains to be seen whether Blizzard will address these concerns. And as more people jump onto the Diablo 4 servers, fans will keep their eyes on the game’s reliability.   


Diablo 4 complements its massive world with an equally expansive storyline packed with side quests that enable players to explore the game’s vast environments. The caves, cellars, and dungeons offer repeatable content that highlights the grim state of Sanctuary and how much its people have lost over the past three games. 

While the darker aesthetics suggest what’s in store for players, Diablo 4’s derives its true horror from its storyline as it expertly relays Diablo’s somber and tragic tale. 

The Verdict 

The feedback from those who experienced Diablo 4’s early access beta has been generally positive. Apart from the always online requirement, Blizzard has addressed most of the issues the loyal Diablo community previously experienced to deliver what is, by most accounts, a better game.  Diablo 4 brings enough new features and gameplay enhancements that elevate it from feeling like an expansion in disguise, all while retaining an unmistakable connective tissue to the previous games. As the public enters the darker world of Diablo 4 and its servers, it will be interesting to see the general agreement in the latest installment of a legendary franchise.

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