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Updated on : December 20, 2022

discord pfps

Best Discord PFPS Collection 2023

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Hey, are you looking for an appealing, aesthetic, and unique Discord profile picture that not only makes you different from others as well as represents your personality?


If yes, say thanks to yourself! As you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, you are going to witness some of the best and cool Discord PFPs.

So, without being a wall between you and the collection of Discord PFPS, let’s move, and if you are a sports fanatic, you might also like, Stream live Sports on MamaHd for Free”.

What is Discord?


“Discord is a free VoIP and instant messaging social media platform that enables users to communicate via voice calls, video calls, text messaging media, and files in private chat or communities known as servers.”

What is Discord Profile Picture?

“The Discord profile picture (Discord Pfp) is basically a visual/graphical representation of your identity, in other terms, you can say it is your discord account display picture.”

Do You Know: PFPs stands is an acronym used for the profile picture and stands for “picture for proof”.

  • Your Discord profile picture is also a synonym for Discord Profile Avatar and as we have stated above, your Discord profile picture is the depiction of yourself and your personality.
  • In Discord, users can set a photo, an illustration/graphics, or even a GIF as their Discord Pfp. and for animated Discord profile images, users can use a JPG, PNG, and GIF.
  • 128×128 pixels is the optimal size recommended for your Discord profile picture size. 

keep in mind: If you upload a square profile picture, Discord will crop it to a circle. So, when choosing a profile picture for your Discord, remember to keep the details in the center as it can be clearly seen when cropped in a circle format.

The profile picture is the primary thing apart from your username that catches the sight of Discord users. So choosing the best profile that reflects your personality is vital.

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Discord Graphic Sizes 

Here’s a quick representation of Discord graphics that will assist you in understanding optimal image size and maximum file size.

Discord GraphicsFile Size (Maximum) Image Size (recommended)
Discord Profile Photo Size 8 MB128×128 Pixels
Discord Server Logo Size 8 MB512×512 Pixels 
Discord Server Banner Background Size8 MB960×540 Pixels 
Discord Server Invite Splash Image Size8 MB1920×1080 Pixels 
Discord Emoji Size256 KB32×32 Pixels (Supported up to 128×128 pixels)
Discord Chat Image Size8 MBNo limit 

Discord PFPS Collection

Now, we have come to the core of today’s blog that is the best Discord PFPS collection. 

  • To make sure you stand out from your Discord mates, we have crawled down the web and found out some of the best Discord PFPS that you can put as your Discord Pfp.
  • These alluring PFPS include various categories such as anime, funny memes, cool PFPS, gaming, movies/TV shows, aesthetics, beautiful places, and animals.

So, there are dozens of cool and unique PFPS that you can choose from and stand out of the line. Let’s start with one of the most used PFPS on discord which is Best Anime PFPS.

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Best Anime PFPS 

Here are some of the best anime PFPS that you can save and set as your discord profile picture. This Pps includes popular anime such as Naruto, Death Note, One Piece, Dragon ball Z, etc.

Done with anime Pfp? Want something cool that matches your style? The next section is your destination.

Cool Discord PFPS

As we have said above, in this section, you will find some cool PFPS that help you stand out on the server. From anime characters, and attitude poses to popular movie characters, etc PFPS is part of cool Pfp for Discord.

Funny Memes PFPS for Discord

If you have a good sense of humour and boisterous nature, then funny meme Pfp for Discord is what you are looking for.

We have scanned down the whole internet and found some of the memes Pfp that you can use as your Discord Profile picture and allure discord users with your sense of humour.

Top and New Gaming PFPS 

How can we forget game enthusiasts? the most popular server on Discord!

Here are some good-looking and eye-catching gaming PFPS that you can showcase in your gaming community.

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Pick a Pfp that stole your sight and it’s time to flaunt!

Top Movies/TV Shows PFPS

We all love watching movies and sometimes we connect with a character so deeply that we make them as our device’s wallpaper, computer wallpaper, and profile picture. We believe that the respective character is a mirror of ourselves.

Taking this in our conscience, in this section, we have catered some popular Movie/TV show PFPS for you.

So, let’s check out!

Discord Aesthetic PFPS 

Millennials like aesthetics, and so do we!

Below, we have inserted 15 aesthetic images that will get you in awe the moment you scroll down and take a glimpse at them.

Best Places PFPS For Discord 

Are you one of those who want to travel the world or feel calm and optimistic seeing beautiful places? Then, you might find the below images fascinating as in this section, we have placed beautiful places that give you a sense of calmness and positivity.

Cool and Funny Animal PFPS

Next, you are going to see some cute and funny animal PFPS that surely deserves to be your Discord profile picture once. Just scroll down and fall in love with them.

So, this is our collection of PFPS from which you can choose your Discord profile picture that mirrors your personality or suits your current mood.

Closing Thoughts 

Be it on every social platform, your profile picture is your identity, it represents you and depicts your personality. It is the first thing that a person notices aside from your username. So, giving this mere chore ample time is necessary.

Choosing an indifferent Discord profile picture will not only help you stand out of the herd but personifies how you see yourself. 

Lastly, we hope that the collection of Discord PFPS we have shared with you will end your quest of searching for a dope profile picture for a Discord account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the few frequently asked questions related to Discord PFPS.

ANS: As per the Discord recommendation, the size of the profile picture is 128×128.

However, if you upload a larger image, it will be automatically cropped by Discord.

ANS: Yes, you can use a photo, graphic, or even a GIF as your profile picture.

ANS: Yes, Discord Servers do require an image while creating whereas bots do not.

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