Cookie Cats 1.57.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Lives) Hack Download

Updated on : January 22, 2024

Cookie Cats 1.57.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Lives) Hack Download

Cookie Cats 1.74.0 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins, Lives) Latest Version Download

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Cookie cats- Help adorable cats get to the delectable cookies. Set out on an adventure through the city roads and different areas of this game for Android with interesting cats. Demonstrate your forces of perception and rationale to do troublesome assignments at various dimensions of this game. Box the longest chains of same cookies. Help cats rout an underhanded canine, a predatory plant, and different deceptive foes. Utilize one of a kind lifts and rewards.

Download Cookie Cats Mod Apk 1.74.0 (Unlimited Coins, Lives) Latest Version:

Brilliant arcade game in which the player indeed go to the guide of the adorable kitties and get them cookies. The client will shoot vivid air pockets, be of indistinguishable balls chains and clear the Board. For the best impact and the most extreme measure of focuses, you have to develop and blow as large gatherings of air pockets. For the effective defeating of the dimensions are distinctive rewards that will help in the section of the further aspects, of which there are four hundred.

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Cats in the area are eager for cookie Cats Mod Apk, and only you can help! Join Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry, and numerous other delightful kitties on an adventure through excellent new places where cookies are merely holding on to be eaten. Beset up in this FREE riddle game, which is the feline’s night robe for POP beautiful air pockets. The area cats hungry for cookies, and no one but you can support them! Join the Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita Berry, and innumerable other energizing little cats on an adventure through impressive new areas where cookies are merely holding on to be eaten.

Poor seals are eager, treat them with delicious cookies. However, it is continually taking the insidious canines and other annoying creatures, help cats feel full and rebuff the evil monsters. You should coordinate similar shading cookies in this manner, encouraging the cats. You should sit tight for the splendid minutes, once in a while testing perplexes, yet it doesn’t make a difference since every one of the cats become all the more intriguing.

The area cats are hungry for cookies, and no one but YOU can support them! Join Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry, and endless other charming kitties in a voyage through awesome new places, where cookies are merely holding on to be eaten. Be prepared to interface brilliant cookies, ward off the enormous baddies, and become friends with new howl musicians in this FREE riddle game that is the feline’s nightwear!

As you would expect, the dimensions get logically harder as you continue. Beginning off, you need to gather a little measure of a specific shaded cookie on a consummately square matrix without any limitations. Before long, however, you will have various cookie types, required, snags inside the form, and boundaries around the cookies, causing them to need different matches before breaking free. Inside the lattice on the off chance that you figure out how to frame an enormous territory of a similar shading, you get extraordinary squares from which help you like blasts; line clears and such. Figure out how to get a couple of specials alongside one another, and you can join them and decimate the matrix.

To help you on your way as the game’s trouble expands, you can begin the dimension with catalysts/sponsors. Things like a detonating square that takes out the squares around it. A promoter that clears either a level or vertical line or one that makes all squares of a specific shading. You open these by playing different occasions that show up on the recreations level way. Once in a while, you will get things to show up where you need to finish a specific measure of levels in a time span to get a prize box or exceptional dimensions that you need to complete in succession with disappointment returning you to the start of the area.

Little contacts like this give the game life span past only ordinary play. What holds you up in diversions like this is the existing framework it utilizes. You get four experiences that recover after some time. Bomb multiple times on a dimension, and you need to trust that one will improve. It is irritating, however, not the longest time on the planet. Different approaches to keep playing come as coins, and this is the place the genuine cash comes in.

Cookie Cats Mod Apk File Information:

App NameCookie Cats MOD APK
File Size60 MB
Latest Version1.74.0
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesUnlimited Money

Cookie Cats Mod Apk Features:

  • Addictive and straightforward riddle interactivity! Interface cookies of a similar shading to make a tasty chain!
  • Play your way through the area in six diverse game modes and many testing levels!
  • Challenge your companions! Would you be able to beat your companion’s purrfect high score?
  • Lots of charming little cats that will sing lovely tunes for you! Become a close acquaintance with new characters and modify your band.

What’s New:

  • Bug Fixed

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Cookie Cats Mod Apk Gameplay Screenshots:

Cookie Cats Apk Trailer:

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