The Bizarre Story

Updated on : March 21, 2023

The Bizarre Story of the Hexa cat

The performance of Brazil at the 2022 FIFA World Cup was quite catastrophic for the football standards of that South American nation. Besides football, the cricket betting odds: live & in-play offered by 1xBet are also quite good.

The Canarinha was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Croatia in a thrilling match that even included a penalty shootout. However, many people argued that Brasil’s demise began a few days before with an “incident” that took place at a press conference. Right now at 1xBet, you can make live & in-play wagers at any moment, where the football and cricket betting odds are the best in the market.

A Total Cat-astrophe

Before Brazil faced Croatia in the quarter-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the South American team was going to have a press conference. Many people were going to speak here, including coach Tite and player Vinicius Jr. In addition to the great football odds of 1xBet, don’t forget to check the highest cricket live rates, which can also help to make highly profitable wagers.

Here is when an incident took place that had the following protagonists:

  • those who were going to speak at the press conference;
  • the head of press of the Brazilian team;
  • and a cat.

When Vinicius Jr. was ready to talk, there was an uninvited guest at the table where he was sitting. You can always check the highest live rates at 1xBet, which features cricket, football, and a multitude of other sports.

A beautiful cat had decided to calmly sit at the table. The head of the press came and grabbed the cat with his two hands in order to remove it from that place. Here is where many claim that the Brazilian cat-astrophe began.

Total Outrage

Many people were not impressed by the way in which the head of the press had decided to remove the furry guest from the table. By the way, if you want to make perfect wagers you can check today match live football – has also matches for the Brazilian team.

In an attempt to calm the anger shown by many people, the coaching team from Brazil announced they had decided to adopt the cat. They also stated that they decided to name him Hexa. This name was chosen because Brazil was sure that they were going to get their sixth FIFA World Cup title. This would make them hexa-champions. At 1xBet you can check today’s live football matches and wager on them, even when the FIFA World Cup is being played.

However, in many Middle Eastern cultures, it is claimed that mistreating a cat puts a curse on those who did that. For this reason, many people have related what happened with Hexa to Brazil’s elimination from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As said before, their performance was a total cat-astrophe, or in other words, far from purr-fect.

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