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Updated on : February 21, 2024

google snake games

Top Google Snake Game Mods You Must Try In 2024 (Updated)

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“Evoke nostalgia, and customize your favorite snake game as per your preference with the best Google Snake game mod.”

Best Google Snake Game Mod 2024: We all have grown up playing so many video games that have enriched our childhood with countless pleasant memories, be it Tetris, Pacman, Mario, Contra, or Tekken. 

Amidst them, an old-school classic game that holds a special place in our hearts and accompanies us with hours of entertainment is our beloved Snake Game.


We all remember the popular game from the Nokia days. That slithering around and eating red dots. It is indeed one of the quintessential games that have ever been designed.

Fun Fact: The Snake game first appeared on a Nokia 6110 in 1997.

Expressing gratitude towards the community, the Snake game has gone through various improvements & updates that made the game more fun and appealing.

Now, you can customize your favorite traditional game as per your preference, and these options to customize are respectively called Google Snake Game Mods.

In this very article, we are going to share with you the list of the top and best Google Snake game mods that you can try out in 2024. 

So, without any further ado,  let’s hisssssssstart!

Best Google Snake Game Mod in 2024

best game

Keeping up with our promise, here is the list of top and best Google Snake Mods Game Github that cater to various fun and exciting customization.

Google Snake Mod Menu 

Google Snake Mod Menu

Google Snake Mod Menu is an all-rounder mod menu that platters almost everything on the table. The respective mod is meticulously developed by DarkSnakeGang.

Here are the following fun & exciting features of the Google Snake Mod Menu;

  • Integrate More Characters
  • Change the Map and Background
  • Tweak the Speed 
  • Add New Objects 
  • Remove Edge Walls, etc.
Download Google Snake Mod Menu 

Mouse Mod For Google Snake

Mouse Mod For Google Snake

We all are very well aware of the fact that the conventional snake game only allows us to use the direction keys (up, down, left, and right) but, now the time has come to relax those hotkeys for a while.

With this Snake Mod Google, you can now enjoy the delights of the game with the traction of your mouse. You can make advances freely without pondering about bumping into the wall.

You can get some loppy shapes with this mod that makes the game more intriguing than the standard one.

Download Mouse Mode 

Dark Mode Snake Mod 

Dark Mode Snake Mod

Alt-text: Dark Mode Snake Mod 

Do you have an affinity towards dark mode? Then, the respective mod is certainly dedicated to you. By the name of the mod, we believe you might have guessed what this Snake mod is all about. 

Yes, your mind is taking you in the right direction. Now, you can play your favorite snake game in dark mode. 

With the support of the little Javascript code, you will be able to toggle on dark mode for the Snake game as well as include other color schemes too.

The dark mode provides a whole new gaming environment to the players and examines their skills. Let there be darkness with the Dark Mode Menu!

Dark Mode Mod

Change Board Size

snake game

Do you feel that the size of the board is confined for you? Don’t worry. Change board size is here to contribute to the episode.

Enabling the Change Board Size Google Snake Mods Github, you will be able to adjust the size of the grid as per your desire and move perpetually in the same direction, and experience a constrained-free feeling.

Download Change Board Size 

Google Snake Animated Colors

Google Snake Animated Colors

Google Snake animated Color is another top contender of the top Snake mod list. The virtue of this snake mode is it allows you to alter the static background to animated color.

Sounds like a sweet deal, Right?

Apart from authorizing to change the pattern for the Snake, players can also modify the frame rate. 

So, choose blue, yellow, pink, or black for your Snake game, and experience a fun twist.

Download Google Snake Animated Colors



Adorn your Snake with Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak and level up the difficulty for your Snake game with AIYIWOWTGWL. 

The respective Snake mod will make your Snake go woosh, and now your goal is to assume the right moves without seeing the snake to win.

Fun Fact: Generally, your Snake vanishes when your internet goes out in between the loading game; acknowledging this, the community has shaped this  into a mod.


Wall-Endgame Sooner

Wall-Endgame Sooner Snake Mod

Wall-Endgame Sooner is also an intriguing and interesting mod. It functions 

similar to AIYIWOWTGWL, but the twist is, this time in spite of your Snake, the biggest villain in the game, walls are going to say bye.

The captivating Snake mod removes all walls from the side and lets you enjoy a free environment. Now, the only way you can get out is by touching Snake’s own tail. 

Keep yourself entertained with the snake game for hours without any constraints with the Wall-Endgame Sooner Snake mod.

Download Wall-Endgame Sooner

TimeKeeper Mod

TimeKeeper Snake Mod

Keep track of your Snake game statistics including high scores, and fastest times, and compete with your friends for the boss title. 

Enabling the Time Keeper Snake mod will record all your game progress, your personal best, time taken, and more. All you have to do is import the HTML file as a bookmark and you are good to go!

Download TimeKeeper Mod

So, here are the best Google Snake game mods you can add to your bookmark and relish your leisure moments with interesting, and intriguing mods.

Now that you have become acquainted with the amazing Snake game mods, it’s time to check out the steps to use these Google Snake game mods.

Easy Steps to Use Google Snake Mods

The process of adding Google Snake mods is a matter of a few steps.

In this very section, we have illustrated how to get google snake mods, and use them in the most simplified manner along with resonating images.

Here’s how you can use Google Snake’s best Mods;

  • Initiate by downloading the Moremenu.html file via GitHub.
  • Next, launch the Bookmark Menu by pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+O” altogether.
  • After that, hit on the three dots located on the top-right and click on the “Import Bookmarks” option.
    import bookmarks
  • Now, add the MoreMenu.html file to the bookmark.
    MoreMenu.html file
  • Next, type “Snake Game” on your chrome browser and press the “Play” button.
  • After that, click on the “Cogwheel” icon.
  • Lastly, hit on the three dots > Bookmarks > More Menu Stuff, and press the “Play” button.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to get mods on Google Snake and use them.

Honourable Mentions 

Here are some Google Snake Mod honorable mentions that hold the potential to make your standard snake game into a dynamic one. 

Google Snake Toggle Death Screen
Google Snake Burge Mode
Google Snake Pretty Timers
Google Snake Skull Poison
Mexico Mode 

The Bottom Line

The conventional Snake game is one of the best ways to deal with limited leisure time, it’s compelling & easy to play and that’s the reason why Google embedded this in their browser.

Albeit, you can double the fun and level up the game, with the traction of the gamut of Snake game mods. Using these fun mods, you can alter the game as per your preference and make it more exciting.

We believe that the information we have cited in this article corresponding to Google Snake Game Mods will assist you in playing your favorite Snake game with a whole new gaming experience.

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