Updated on : November 24, 2022


FIFA 23 Review: All You Should Know About the Final EA Sports and FIFA Collaboration

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FIFA is gone but lives on. After a dramatic public split with its licensor, EA’s soccer simulation powerhouse came back, calling itself ‘The Game of the World’ before undergoing a painful name change to EA Sports FC early the following year. However, the phrase goes beyond wistful pomp.

The video game will allow you to learn more about the sport and understand how to invest in La Liga predictions or other sports leagues. It makes it easy to understand the players and how they’re performing. 

One era over, FIFA 23 represents his year of methodical wear and tear for EA, with numerous tactical and graphical updates supporting his believable gameplay framework. However, feeling empowered and consumed by his Ragnarok status, football is unfortunately also Ruby’s game of lowering his curtains as his game genre spirals into a whirlwind of chaos.

New Features

This is the final iteration of the game, so let’s be honest.EA Sports will do everything possible to get people to buy, hoping to switch to EA Sports FC next year. FIFA 23 adds some great new features, but certain features can be saved for next year to keep players engaged.

Speedy players are undervalued, and defensive players get more attention.

Also, lower-rank players seem more helpful when you’re just starting, thanks to the boosts they receive. A great addition that makes you feel like you’re on the pitch is the new Power Shot, a 3-button combo that lets you score incredible goals.

In the Manager Career mode, you can choose to play as a real-life manager (or Ted Lasso, whoever you find him is accurate). Women’s club football has yet to be picked up, but the time spent importing for AFC Richmond’s temporary novelty value might have been better spent on it. 

Women’s soccer is a prime example of the capabilities of EA’s HyperMotion motion capture technology, providing realistic motion to enhance immersion. With that, you can enjoy and learn more about the women’s aspect of the sport. And as you invest in Men’s La Liga picks, you can try out the women’s leagues. 

Chemistry changes

Is it that hard to build an Ultimate Team in your FIFA game? FIFA 23 is less stressful now that EA Sports has overhauled the chemistry system to make it easier to put your favorite star player on the roster of your dreams.

Often associated with his passing across the field in real life, Liverpool fullbacks Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander have played in the same Ultimate Team in previous iterations of FIFA Chemistry but didn’t score points for that team.

But in FIFA 23, players can develop chemistry with other players and create different teams with perfect chemistry, regardless of their position on the field. 


How does that work? That’s amazing. Movement is fluid, unlike Fifa 22, which is relatively sluggish. A quick pass and quick off-ball movement may make the sweeping attack look exciting, but it could have a better-turbocharged ping-pong feel of the old Pro Evo. 

Additionally, analog key inputs are used more accurately, allowing for balanced crosses and accurate long-range hits. It’s not relatively standard yet, but you can now use the right analog stick to add spin and flex to the ball, and the on-screen pointer is slightly clearer to help you find the right direction. 

The updated impact physics makes collision and loose ball scenarios more unpredictable. I saw a through ball hit a defender’s leg on the goal line and bounce off. I also threw a low cross that flew like crazy off a defender’s shin and into his net. These unpredictable little events add realism and intensity to the game.

Playing Tips

As Kyle Walker and Luke Shaw build momentum as they run the pitch length, players like Thiago and Traoré can burst into instant bursts of speed and instantly escape enemies around them. Combined, new players offer moments of real-life visual spectacle. 

For example, watch the game long enough, and you’ll see Lewandowski valiantly beat the goalkeeper in a crowded box, or Bernardo You might see Silva launch a loose ball into the top right corner from an angle that makes Euclid shake his head incredulously. Understanding these tips can also help you with making La Liga predictions today. 

Our Thoughts

An epic farewell to the series (at least in its current name), FIFA 23 adds a welcome touch to its theatrical flair: careful defense, plenty of drama, goals galore, FUT moments, and action replays. 

Power Shots and other virus-friendly gameplay updates make the football sim even more thoughtful and memorable. But FIFA 23 is an all-too-familiar beast compared to previous years.

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