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Updated on : March 13, 2023

Bet365 Download App

All Sports Supported by Bet365 Download App

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As with any decent sportsbook, the Bet365 app supports a huge range of sports for the users to wager on. Even though the majority of players won’t need such a diversity of sports and events, it is still important to discover all options supported by the platform beforehand. At the same time, the guide for installing the program can be found on this site. Whether the player prefers casual sports or is interested in less-trending events, discovering the assortment offered by the bookmaker in advance is always a good idea.

Major Sports

The first category of sports supported for wagering in the Bet365 application for mobile devices includes all the most popular sports in the world. Typically, the coverage of events with all the items in this section is extremely decent at Bet365, allowing the users to access even some second-tier leagues or smaller championships.


Internationally, soccer is still the most viewed and trending sport, as it is played in almost every country all around the globe. Expectedly, the coverage of soccer events is amazing at Bet365: there are hundreds of events available for punters at any time. The list includes both popular competitions and leagues like Serie A, German Bundesliga, La Liga, the UEFA Champions League, the World Cup, Liga Europa, and some smaller competitions that are not as popular internationally. 

The assortment of wagering markets for soccer is also expectedly spectacular. For first-tier matches, there are hundreds of betting markets available in the Bet365 app. For second-tier events, the assortments are typically smaller but still decent. It is applicable both for pre-match wagering and in-play betting, as Bet365 supports both these features and covers soccer events almost perfectly.

The World Cup Coverage with a Bet365 Download

At the time of writing, the group stage of the FIFA World Cup has almost finished, and the coverage of the matches has been impressive in the Bet365 app. For every single game, the punters had hundreds of wagering opportunities.


Similar to soccer, basketball is an extremely popular sport on an international level, so there is no surprise that Bet365 has a strong focus on it. The total number of matches supported by the sportsbook may be lower than with soccer, but it is still great. The vast majority of punters will easily find all the basketball matches they might be looking for with Bet365.

Ice Hockey

As most punters would expect, the bookmaker covers ice hockey as well. Just like with all the other sports in this category, the assortment of events available for the users to choose from is impressive. It includes both national ice hockey leagues and all sorts of international championships. If your country has a national ice hockey league, the chances are extremely high that it is covered in the Bet365 sportsbook.


Volleyball is arguably less trending than the previous sports, but some competitions are still watched all around the world. The number of supported matches here is lower than with ice hockey or soccer, but Bet365 still adds markets for all major championships to the sportsbook. The range of specialty bets available for some volleyball matches is especially impressive.


Tennis is a huge deal for many punters, and the team of Bet365 clearly knows it. Even though the general popularity of tennis is not as impressive as that of soccer, some of the events are watched by millions of fans from dozens of countries. The popularity of a specific championship depends on the popularity of its participants, as tennis is an individual sport. Therefore, for some matches, the coverage is a lot better  than for the others in the Bet365 app


With cricket, the situation is quite interesting. It is not as popular in Europe as the events mentioned in this section so far, but its overall popularity is still significant. This happens because cricket is extremely popular in countries like India, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Bet365 accepts punters from these regions, so it would be a big miss for them not to support the most popular cricket events in the sportsbook.

Specialty Sports

In this section, sports that are less popular will be overviewed. In general, they are also rather well-covered by Bet365, however, the assortment of betting markets available for these competitions is significantly smaller compared to the events mentioned in the previous section.


As darts are not as popular as the events that were reviewed so far, there is no surprise it is not represented in the Bet365 sportsbook on the same level. For darts, the bookmaker typically supports only the most notable events like the Players Championship Finals. However, the number of markets supported for darts is still impressive, as the bookmaker has more than 20 types of bets available.


For cycling, the number of competitions available in the Bet365 app is larger than for darts. At the time of writing, pre-match wagers are accepted for seven different upcoming races and outrights. But in contrast to darts, the range of wagering markets for cycling is extremely small. In most cases, the punters will only be able to predict the winner of the race or the outright.


With eSports, the situation is rather different. Unlike all the other events overviewed today, eSports fans do not typically interact with events outside of this category. Therefore, Bet365 had to introduce a rather wholesome coverage for competitions of this type. There are 15 different eSports available for wagering on in the application.

Other Sports

There are dozens of other niche sports that haven’t been included in the article. For most of them, the coverage is also rather basic. Nevertheless, the fans of such sports still have enough opportunities to wager on the most significant tournaments in their categories.

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