AdVenture Communist Mod APK 5.3.0 (Free Upgrade) Latest Download

Updated on : January 22, 2024

AdVenture Communist Mod APK 5.3.0 (Free Upgrade) Latest Download

AdVenture Communist Mod APK 6.32.0 (Free Upgrade) Latest Download

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Download AdVenture Communist Mod APK – most recent adaptation – allowed to fabricate a stunning Communist empire through fun idle game mechanics.

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk File Information:

App NameAdVenture Communist MOD APK
File Size121 MB
Latest Version 6.32.0
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesFree Upgrade

Description of AdVenture Communist Mod Apk:

AdVenture Communist mod apk is a main idle game from Hyper Hippo, the continuation of the hit game AdVenture Capitalist. To put it plainly, the objective is to develop your assembling empire, assembling more materials, assets and things to improve the life of your residents. This is an idle game, which implies most of the gameplay runs out of sight while you’re going about different exercises in your everyday. From time to time, you can sign into the telephone and roll out a couple of improvements, accelerate the creation, and even distinction one you’ve maximized your advancement.

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The first game, AdVenture Capitalist, was intended to copy the advancement of an industrialist empire. It just bodes well that there is a close encounter for the universe of socialism. The game is accessible both on PC and on Android, with the Android form giving a somewhat stripped back experience yet still heaps of fun. It works splendidly as a versatile game because of its idle game mechanics – these are intended to be left running while your telephone is on and you can return to beware of progress at whatever point you like.

AdVenture Communist -an entrancing game, offering the player to assemble socialism. To turn into the pioneer of the world low class, the client is needed to develop potatoes, which is here the fundamental money. The development of exceptionally enormous amounts of potatoes will turn into a genuine investor. To succeed, the client will require length and broadness to investigate the cycle with the assistance of dedicated researchers, to select persevering confidants and to perform testing undertakings, which offer extraordinary rewards.

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk Features:

Idle gameplay

Hyper Hippo developed this game. If the AdVenture Capitalist simulates the entrepreneur economy, AdVenture Communist cleverly copies the economy of a communist nation. With clicker gameplay, you should contact to create, here potatoes.

AdVenture Communist Mod APK

Beginning with only a rancher and a real estate parcel, you slowly develop your potato empire. Plant loads of potatoes and reap. You can employ more ranchers, and pay them with potatoes. Indeed, your empire can provide nourishment gracefully for the entire world if you realize how to contribute appropriately.

As an idle game, AdVenture Communist lets you keep on developing your empire in any event, when you rest and have shut the game. On the off chance that someone thumps on your entryway or your manager doles out a sudden activity, unwind and close the game. You can get potatoes and items whenever you open the game.

Develop Potato empire

Food is a significant issue for all nations on the planet. Without food, we can’t do whatever else. Potatoes can be a decent decision. Beginning with potatoes, you can make numerous flavorful dishes. French fries is one of my top picks.

Develop your heavenly potato empire. Become the country’s superb pioneer. At the point when your number of ranchers is excessively enormous, form homesteads and towns. Updating fundamental things will assist you with collecting all the more rapidly, and an ever-increasing number of ranchers will chip away at your homestead.

Industrial upgrade

Potatoes are only the primary thing you can create. In the wake of having enough food, you can proceed to create and upgrade businesses. AdVenture Communist permits you to upgrade manors, towns, water system frameworks, power, manufacturing plants, weapons, … You can open another industry when there is sufficient material required. You are given materials each time you level up.


On the off chance that you are a pioneer, researchers are extraordinary representatives to assist you with accelerating creation exponentially. As researchers, they are the ones who carry answers to improve creation speed. Researchers are isolated into classifications from Common, Rare, Epic and Supreme. You can open the analyst by changing assets or purchasing research cases.

Some tips and tricks

On the privilege of every area, there is a tab that restricts the number of ranchers you can purchase. Continuously set this tab at Max. For instance, a rancher costs ten potatoes, yet you can purchase 1 rancher even though you have 100 potatoes. When at max, you can purchase 10 ranchers in a single tick.

AdVenture Communist Mod APK

Watching Ads recordings causes you to amplify the Propaganda Meter. This clock encourages you to increment the whole creation speed. At the point when this impact closes, you can keep watching Ads recordings to keep up.

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