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2022/23 Champions League draw

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On August 25, the draw for the Champions League for the 2022-2023 season took place in Istanbul. All teams recognized their opponents and received the dates of the matches. The first matches will take place in September. You can bet on your favorite in your group at Now let’s talk more about groups.

Champions League groups 2022/23

Group A

The first group will meet:

  • Liverpool;
  • Napoli;
  • Ajax;
  • Rangers;

A very ambiguous group, in which a clear favorite is visible, but the fight for 2nd place will be interesting.

Group B

Group B will compete with each other:

  • Club Brugge;
  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen;
  • Atlético Madrid;
  • Porto;

This group is somewhat similar to the previous one, there is a clear favorite, but the team that will take 2nd place is more unclear, most likely Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Porto will compete for 2nd place, although Club Brugge can name the fight.

Group C

One of the most interesting groups includes such teams as:

  • Inter;
  • FC Barcelona;
  • Bayern Munich;

Unlike the previous groups, this fight for first place will be difficult, and the confrontation for the 2nd place will be much more interesting.

Group D

This group will play:

  • Marsel;
  • Sporting;
  • Tottenham;
  • Eintracht Frankfurt;

The interest of the group lies in the fact that all the teams are at about the same level, so it is difficult to pinpoint a clear favorite.

Group E

Group E will play:

  • RB Salzburg;
  • AC Milan;
  • Chelsea FC;
  • Dinamo Zagreb;

A fairly strong group with interesting opponents, the fight for the playoffs will be more obvious between Chelsea and Milan.

Group F

This group will play:

  • Real Madrid;
  • FC Shakhtar;
  • Celtic;
  • RB Leipzig;

In this group, the team that will take first place is obvious, it remains only to watch the struggle for 2nd and 3rd place between the remaining teams.

Group G

Members of this group:

  • Borussia D;
  • Seville;
  • Manchester City;
  • FC København;

Quite an interesting group, in which there will certainly be a struggle for both 2nd and 1st place, since it is difficult to name the strongest, only Manchester City can be singled out, which got in good shape by the beginning of the season.

Group H

Group H will play among themselves:

  • Juventus;
  • PSG;
  • Benfica;
  • Maccabi Haifa;

The obvious leader of the group is PSG with its own combat composition. Juventus will compete with Benfica for second place.

The Champions League campaign 2022-2033 will be really rich and varied, each group is interested in its own way. Some teams are the favorites of their groups, and some will fight to advance to the next round.

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